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The social activist hasn't revealed problems at calculation of bulletins in Khabarovsk Krai - RIA Novosti, 9/23/2018

MOSCOW, 23 Sep — RIA Novosti. The problems connected with violation of the procedure of counting of votes on elections in Khabarovsk Krai aren't recorded yet, the cochairman of association on protection of electoral rights "Civil control" Alexander Brod has reported to RIA Novosti. On Sunday in Khabarovsk Krai there takes place the second round of elections of the head of the region. Vote has already come to the end, now there is a counting of votes and input of protocols on vote results to state automated system "Elections". "Yet there are no problems. Social activists say that there are both video cameras, and observers are present, on some sites there are also public experts. Until the problems connected with counting of votes it is revealed" — Brod has told, answering a question whether some disturbing signals of process of counting of votes in Khabarovsk Krai arrive and whether there are messages about the rewritten protocols. The head of executive committee of the case of observers "For clean elections" Alyona Bulgakova who is in the region has also noted that signals of violations at counting of votes by him didn't arrive yet. "Everything that was received by the For Clean Elections case, everything that has revealed directly during monitoring by means of the situational center in Khabarovsk, everything has been carried to the period of a pre-election campaign, day of silence and directly the voting day. According to the estimates of so far addresses didn't arrive" — she has told RIA Novosti. The interlocutor of the agency has specified that the earlier case has addressed to regional electoral commission with the requirement to cancel vote results on the polling precinct 124 in Khabarovsk on which, according to them, there was a stuffing. "The precinct election commission hasn't assumed due obligations, and is concrete — they haven't sealed up a ballot box, and in that ballot box in which the throw has been carried out, the subsequent voters continued to cast ballots. When we have arrived to the site, and it was already about two hours later after a throw, voters still cast ballots. Nobody has answered us our question of sealing up. Therefore we demand to cancel vote results on this site" — Bulgakova has explained. According to all available data from the CEC, 82,83% of protocols are processed already. The candidate of LDPR, the deputy of the State Duma Sergey Furgal collects 69,75% of votes, at the acting governor, United Russia party member Vyacheslav Shport there are 27,73%.



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