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The social activist has disproved data on violation on elections in the Vladimir region - RIA Novosti, 9/23/2018

MOSCOW, 23 Sep — RIA Novosti. Messages about not admission on polling precincts on elections in the Vladimir region of members of the commissions with advisory capacity have under themselves no reasons, at analysis of a situation of violation of the law isn't revealed, the cochairman of NPO association on protection of electoral rights "Civil control" Alexander Brod has said. "Across the Vladimir region there are a lot of disturbing signals from representatives of party "Apple" — at members of the commissions with advisory capacity which aren't let to sites" — Brod has told RIA Novosti. The social activist has reported that he has called the chairman of regional election commission Vadim Minayev who has explained that for participation in work of the commissions on vote on elections of the governor of the region members of the commissions with advisory capacity have no legal grounds as they were appointed on elections to legislative assembly of the region on September 9. "Now absolutely other elections, and their powers at these elections are absent therefore the electoral commission considers that representatives of Yabloko for presence on sites have no legal grounds. Here just ignorance of the law and attempt to report about allegedly violations which are absent actually is found" — Brod has explained. The candidate of United Russia, the acting governor Svetlana Orlova and the candidate of LDPR Vladimir Sipyagin apply for a post of the head of the region.



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