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The security police of Latvia has caused on a conversation of owners of restaurant in the Crimea - RIA Novosti, 11/9/2018

THRESHING BARN, 8 Nov – RIA Novosti. The spouse of the owner of latysshky restaurant Jtsra Pavel Bashkatov was called from Security police of Latvia (PB) and have caused on a conversation together with the wife. Sputnik Latvia.© Sputnik reports about it Have stirred up trouble. The police of Latvia will be engaged in the Latvian restaurant in Krymurestoran of ethnic Latvian cuisine has opened in Sevastopol on October 13. As writes news agency, because of numerous attacks in the Latvian press, already sounded threats of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Latvia and the statement of PB for initiation of legal proceedings in connection with "illegal" business activity of Rigans in the Crimea, an institution has gained considerable popularity. On Thursday, November 8, Pavel Bashkatov who at the moment is in the territory of Latvia was called from PB and have called on a conversation. The invitation has arrived not only to it, but also his spouse Victoria Sysolyatina. Pavel has explained that Victoria in PB won't be able to be in a type of her absence. Calling it hasn't confused, and he has said that the intelligence agency by all means will wait for her return. Bashkatov has promised that he will be, but only after receives the agenda. Have assured of PB that will send the document. Bashkatov has published information that he was caused for a conversation in PB on the page on Facebook. In the same place he has written that his spouse Victoria has birthday. © RIA Novosti / Sergey Malgavko Pereyti in an image bank the American sanctions against Latvia drive money of millionaires to the Crimea "Well, the friend, thought, I thought how to wish Victoria Sysolyatina happy birthday, but, it seems, the Security police has solved it for me. Have called. I wait for the agenda" — Pavel has written. Bashkatov is the citizen of Latvia, and, unlike the spouse, the citizen of Russia having the Latvian residence permit, Pavel can't constantly be in the Crimea: he has the right to come to Russia for three months each half a year. Bashkatov is already engaged in execution of the Russian residence permit, but yet there is no such document, he is compelled the most part of time to be in Latvia. Prospects restoratorovrany in Sputnik Latvia interview the lawyer Imma Jansson has explained that the PB can show to the Latvian citizens who visited the Crimea and, especially, were engaged in business activity.© RIA Novosti / Igor Zarembo Pereyti in an image bank Latvia at the new prime minister there "witch-hunt" waits, I have warned pravozashchitniksoglasno to article 84 of the Criminal law of Latvia, the intelligence agency can take in respect of Bashkatov various measures of pressure up to detention and the room into custody. Arrest also threatens his wife, the citizen of Russia if she appears in the territory of Latvia. The lawyer Alvis Pilags believes too that the PB can resort to these measures concerning both spouses. He has advised Bashkatov to accelerate as much as possible process of obtaining the Russian residence permit and to refer to the fact that his freedom is in Latvia under the threat. Read all news of Latvia on the website Sputnik Latvia>>



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