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The Saratov deputy intends to live month for 3,5 thousand rubles - RIA Novosti, 12.10.2018

SARATOV, 12 Oct — RIA Novosti, Eduard Demyanets. The deputy of the Saratov region duma from the CPRF Nikolay Bondarenko said that he, despite resignation of the Minister of Labor, Employment and Migration of area Natalya Sokolova, intends to live as an experiment for 3,5 thousand rubles a month according to the menu and a diet which he expects to receive from regional Ministry of Labour and Social Protection.© of the Photo: The ministry of employment, work and migration of the Saratov region the Saratov minister said that it is possible to live on 3,5 thousand rubleyrany in Youtube there was video on which Sokolova and Bondarenko's dispute in the building of regional parliament on what sum will be enough for life within a month is imprinted. The official expressed opinion that the sum of 3,5 thousand rubles is quite enough "for the minimum physiological requirements". Bondarenko decided to live for the sake of an experiment for this sum on what the minister noticed that she will be able easily to make for it "balanced, but dietary" the menu, "proceeding from shops with discounts" which she usually visits. Later in the press service of the governor of the region RIA Novosti reported that Sokolova is dismissed, and her duties are assigned to the first deputy minister Natalya Zhukovskaya. The governor Radayev called inadmissible negligence to the subjects which are of vital importance for people and noted that to such people the most drastic measures will be taken. "Not that I do not refuse, I categorically support holding this event (experiment). Now Natalya Yurevna (Sokolova), probably, will depart from affairs finally, but, maybe, the ministry will take the initiative, will provide me after all these menus and diets with the list of shops where I it seems as have to get it (products)" — the interlocutor of the agency.© of the RIA Novosti / Maxims of Pancakes told to Pass into an image bank In the Federation Council suggested the Saratov ex-minister to live for 3,5 thousand rubles "And I undertake the obligation not just to hold this event, but also to carry out photo and video fixing of this process. I am ready to distribute these videos publicly to prove to society, even with damage to my health that it is impossible that accommodation on such consumer basket, on such level is the most awful form of poverty which can be" — Bondarenko added. He noted that from "a grain and macaroni diet" it can gather extra kilos. "As I was told by the minister then that I will not bad lose weight though on me — the grain and macaroni diet will lead just to replenishment. The lack of vegetables, lack of meat and the maximum quantity of farinaceous food, cheap pasta, cheap bread will just lead to replenishment and deterioration in health" — the deputy considers. Earlier the chairman of Audit Chamber of area Sergey Harchenko told the agency that in region duma the bill on increase in a living wage of the pensioner for 2019 about 7,99 thousand rubles to 8,278 thousand rubles is considered now.



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