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"The same groups of death". Children are placed on an anime and declined to a suicide - RIA Novosti, 9/3/2018

MOSCOW, 3 Sep — RIA Novosti, Alexander Chernyshev. The anime cult became one of the main ways of manipulation with children in Network, specialists in cyberthreats are sure. Through animation and communication in thematic Internet communities impose to teenagers suicide thoughts, incite against parents, decline to homosexuality. After "processing" children become reserved, run from the house, and even grab a knife. What is behind lovely Asian attractive faces — in material of RIA Novosti. Nastya (the name is changed) has matured: I have passed into the fifth class, seriously I was fond of drawing, I have even received as a gift from parents the tablet by new academic year. "First of all I have downloaded the application in which it is possible to draw and receive comments about the drawings from other users" — the girl's mother Margarita tells RIA Novosti (she has asked not to specify a surname). Soon from colourful landscapes and animals Nastya has switched to heroes of the Japanese animated cartoons. "I didn't attach it significance — beautiful drawings. However in few months in them bright paints have disappeared. There was only a simple pencil. And then the red handle was added: for scars and bruises" — Margarita continues. The girl reacted to criticism of parents extremely sharply and preferred to discuss drawings at school or art studio with other admirers of an anime. Besides I became worse to study: the handwriting, at lessons, according to teachers has deteriorated, constantly I went to the thoughts. Often I watched an anime animated cartoon where the hero has superforce — in any way can't commit suicide though very much wants. Constantly I was in bad mood. Having felt wrong, parents have addressed experts. "We have begun to study virtual life of the child. Have established that in a year before the girl have signed on harmless, at first sight, community in VKontakte with the strange motto "It Is Fashionable to Be Vegetable". The group contained many video with an anime animations — a part was created by participants of community" — the CEO of the Center of protection of children from Internet threats (with use of a grant of the President of Russia) Vladimir Рогов.© tells RIA Novosti to AP Photo/Jefferson County Sheriff's Department, File That is created in the closed kolumbayn-communities singing of teenagers-ubiytsdalneyshiye of an event about whom the child's parents didn't even suspect were developed according to the scheme, standard for an anime manipulations. "Having acquainted the girl with animated cartoons, she was got to fall in love with one of an anime heroes. She has begun "to shipperit" — to watch the subject line of the character, to discuss him with other admirers, to imitate him. Then creators of group have put her into dependence: or you continue to communicate and draw with us what we will tell, or your hero on a plot will die. The child who has like sympathy for the fictional character has begun to embody suicide motives on paper as and demanded from him. The same groups of death only veiled" — Rogov explains. On the advice of the psychologist of the center parents have limited for the daughter Internet access, and tried to take all free time with sport and on



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