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The Russian was included into the three of the best in the World Cup in assembly of the Rubik's Cube - RIA Novosti, 9/23/2018

MOSCOW, 23 Sep — RIA Novosti. The sixteen-year-old Russian Andriy Che has taken the third place in the World Cup in high-speed assembly of the Red Bull Rubik's Cube.© Rubik's Cube of the Photo the American robot has assembled the Rubik's Cube less than for a polsekundyrossiyanina it was succeeded to win bronze for assembly of a cube one hand — he has conceded in a semi-final to German Philipp Weier of a fraction of a second. The championship took place in Boston. In total athletes from 13 countries have participated in a competition. They competed in three disciplines: a spidkubing (assembly of a cube on speed), high-speed assembly of a cube one hand and рескрамбл — repetition of the set cube combination. The favourite of a tournament, the world record holder Australian Felix Zemdeks with result became 6,899 seconds the winner in a spidkubing. In a reskrambling the victory was won by Ricky Mayler from Germany who has kept within 30,128 seconds. First place in category "assembly by one hand" was won by Bill Vang from Canada who has managed to solve a puzzle in 14,943 seconds. Among women first place in a spidkubing was won by American Dana Yi with result 8,041 second.© of AP Photo/Ted S. Warren the American students have created the biggest cube of Rubikan competitions there was also a creator of a puzzle to Erna Rubik. "Very much pleases me and what now happens to the Rubik's Cube concerns. I never also dreamed of such popularity of the invention, that so many people will be fond of this game. and the cube doesn't divide people into nationalities — it unites the whole world" — he has said. Age of participants of competitions — from 16 to 30 years. To Erna Rubik has created a puzzle in 1974. On assembly of the very first cube at professor the whole month has left. There are more than 43 quintillions ways to mix the Rubik's Cube, however everyone "скрамбл" can be solved for 20 or less courses and for only several seconds. RIA Novosti has acted as the information partner of an action.



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