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The Russian scientists opened a secret of "invulnerability" of multiple sclerosis - RIA Novosti, 05.12.2018

MOSCOW, 5 Dec – RIA Novosti. Molecular biologists from MSU and RAS opened the reasons of why many autoimmune diseases medicine does not suppress, and strengthen symptoms of multiple sclerosis. Their conclusions and a potential way for creation of medicine for this disease were presented in PNAS.© Fotolia/psdesign1 magazine the Russian scientists opened the mutation causing multiple sclerosis "It is known that neutralization of protein of TNF helps at some autoimmune diseases, but does everything only worse at multiple sclerosis. We assumed that it can be connected with the fact that TNF "gives" some protective signal which cannot be blocked", – the academician Sergey Nedospasov from Institute of molecular biology of RAS in Moscow tells. Multiple sclerosis — a disease of nervous system at which development immune cages begin to attack a cover of nervous fibers, a so-called myelin. Without myelin nerves carry worse out a signal and begin "to close" that leads to different consequences from slight numbness of extremities to paralysis or a blindness. According to WHO statistics, today over 2.3 million people suffer from this disease which effective ways of treatment it is not thought up yet. Today dozens of scientific teams work on creation of methods of treatment of this disease worldwide. Two years ago the Russian scientists from Institute of bioorganic chemistry of RAS suggested the first potential "vaccine" against multiple sclerosis training immune cages not to attack a brain and not to kill its cages. Before scientists repeatedly tried to create the drugs preventing immunity to destroy a myelin, preventing assembly of molecules of proteins from the TNF family – one of the main inflammatory signals of an organism. Actually all similar medicines failed in laboratory or clinical researches, the reasons of what remained a riddle for neurophysiologists.© of the Photo: It is provided by the press service of IBH RAS Biokhimik: multiple sclerosis medicine will appear through 2-3 годаКак the press service of the Russian scientific fund, the academician Nedospasov and his colleagues from MSU and also a number of foreign scientists transfers, found out why it occurs, watching how shutdown of one of two types of the receptors helping immune cages to find the molecules TNF affected their behavior. As the biologist notes, the similar idea arose at his team after they noticed that on a cover of the immune cages connected with suppression of autoimmune reactions a large number of outgrowths of one type, TNFR2, and the second type of these receptors, TNFR1 meets, meets rather seldom. It suggested to them an idea that destruction of the molecules TNF can interfere with normal work of these little bodies, so-called T-regulatory cages and not suppress multiple sclerosis, and aggravate it. They checked this idea on mice whose genome was modified in such a way that TNFR1 or TNFR2 could be disconnected temporarily. © Fotolia/decade3d Scientific: hormone of pregnancy will help to cure disseminated to sklerozrealizovat this idea as Nedospasov noted, was not so simply – on



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