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The Russian physics has opened new useful property of superconductors - RIA Novosti, 8/15/2018

MOSCOW, 15 Aug — RIA Novosti. Superconductors can accelerate the movement of special waves in the magnetic materials capable to become a basis of computers of the future. The Russian and foreign scientists who have published article in the Advanced Functional Materials magazine have come to such conclusion. © Photo: Kostya Novoselov of Physics have turned sandwich from a decanter into "izolyatoro-superconductor" "Superconductivity and ferromagnetics — the antagonistic phenomena, opposite things are their cornerstone. Therefore their coexistence always attracts fundamental interest. Their combination allows to increase speed of system or to reduce energy consumption of system" — Igor Golovchansky, the physicist from MIPT whose words are cited by the press service of higher education institution tells. All superconductors have unusual property — they don't love" magnetic field and seek to push out him outside in case lines of this field contact to them. If force of the field exceeds a certain value then superconductor sharply loses the properties and becomes "usual" material. Scientists are interested long ago how this phenomenon which they call Meysner's effect will influence behavior of various magnetic materials which are applied to creation of data carriers and computing devices today. To make it not so simply as it is necessary that neither that, nor other material has lost properties and at the same time scientists could watch what occurs in it. Experimenting with peculiar "sandwiches" from superconductor on the basis of niobium and magnetic material on the basis of alloy of iron and nickel, Golovchansky and his colleagues have opened unusual effect about which existence earlier scientists didn't suspect. © Photo: The Superoks company "What you are puffed up there?" Moscow will set a world record sverkhprovodimostiobstrelivy this structure bunches of microwaves, physicists have noticed that magnetic material most strongly interacted and absorbed this radiation at all not at those frequencies which are predicted by the theory. Further experiences have shown that scales of these shifts very strongly depended on temperature of superconductor and some other its properties. The reason of it as it has become clear during the subsequent experiences and theoretical researches, was the fact that superconductor has accelerated the movement of so-called spin waves. This word scientists call the special collective fluctuations of electrons in magnetic materials connected with changes in the nature of their "rotation" around own axis. The movement of these waves changes magnetization of that material in which they exist that can be used for information transfer and the mass of other purposes. Respectively, superconductor somehow increases the phase speed of these fluctuations that changes the nature of interaction of magnetic materials with microwave. © Depositphotos of Physics from Russia has revealed secrets of work "room" сверхпроводниковКак Golovchansky and his colleagues assume, spin waves accelerate because they interact with peculiar mirrors



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