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The Russian physicists have created "iridescent" nanoparticles for future computers - RIA Novosti, 8/14/2018

MOSCOW, 14 Aug — RIA Novosti. The Russian and foreign scientists have created new type of nanoparticles which range can be operated freely after production. The description of particles and results of experiences are presented in the magazine Nano Letters.© Press Service of ITMO Russian Scientists have created the shining nanoantennas "Results of our experiences are interesting not only to creation of photon chips. Reorganization of a range of radiation of the massif of nanoparticles can be used, for example, for definition of concentration of vapors of hydrochloric acid and other halogenides of hydrogen in the environment" — Ekaterina Tiguntseva, the graduate student of the ITMO University in St. Petersburg whose words are cited by the press service of higher education institution notes. Light and other types of electromagnetic waves transfer information much more effectively and quicker, than electric signals. Therefore the majority of modern communication systems are based on optical fiber and various laser radiators. Scientists try to replace transistors and metal paths in chips with light analogs long ago, however so far it doesn't work well because it is very difficult to operate the movement of light. The nanoparticles capable to absorb one type of particles of light can solve this problem and to radiate other types of light waves. In recent years physicists have created hundreds of similar radiators which are effectively converting one type of photons into another. However they have a common fault — properties of particles are set at production, and they actually can't be changed. It prevents to apply similar nanoparticles as nanoantennas and other components of light computers of the future. © Illustration of RIA Novosti. Alina Polyanina the Superbright laser has forced an electron "to break" laws of a fizikitiguntsev and her colleague have found the solution of this problem, experimenting with so-called perovskites — semiconductor materials with quite unusual properties and structure. They well absorb light and turn it into other forms of energy. During experiences with antennas from perovskites scientists have paid attention that properties of light radiated by them strongly depend on how there is a lot of in nanoparticles of ions of halogens — chlorine, bromine or iodine. It has suggested to physicists an idea that the behavior of nanoparticles can be operated if to change quantity of these ions to their surfaces. It is for this purpose optional to change physically structure of perovskites — to place them on the Wednesday saturated with vapors of hydrochloric acid, a bromovodorod or yodovodorod enough. Their molecules will begin to interact with perovskites and will force a particle to change character of a luminescence. Respectively, changing concentration of vapors, it is possible to force nanoobjects to shine all colors of the rainbow that favourably distinguishes them from other similar nanostructures. © Photo: The press service of the ITMO University of Physics from Russia have created almost ideal "cage" for светаКак have shown further experiences of Tiguntseva and her colleagues, such control of nanoparticles doesn't cause irreversible changes in their structure and work. All modifications in a luminescence can be removed, having processed nanoantennas substance vapors with opposite properties. All this as note physics, п



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