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The Russian physicists "has for the first time seen" new type of quantum quasiparticles - RIA Novosti, 8/31/2018

MOSCOW, 31 Aug – RIA Novosti. Scientists from MIPT and foreign countries have experimentally confirmed existence of spinon, new type of the quasiparticles arising in exotic quantum materials, so-called spin liquids. Their conclusions and results of observations have been presented in the Physical Review Letters.© Fotolia/AbstractUniverse magazine of Physics from Stanford have created a full-fledged analog of "particles antiparticles" "the materials Investigated by us absorbed electromagnetic waves stronger, than, apparently, they had to do it. Excitement of spinon was the cause of it. As it is especially quantum effect, it needs to be considered during creation of devices of the quantum electronics using the principles of the quantum nature of carriers of a charge" — Elena Zhukova from the Moscow Physics and Technology faculty whose words are cited by the press service of higher education institution tells. Zhukova and her colleagues studied properties of so-called quantum spin liquids. Scientists understand a set of atoms or ions which backs of electrons behave chaotically even at very low temperatures, like molecules of water and other liquid as this word. Two years ago at once two groups of physicists from the USA and China have created the first experimental analogs of similar liquids, studying properties of exotic materials at ultralow temperatures. These experiences became the first certificate that imperceptible fermions of the Marjoram — the hypothetical particles which are an antipode to themselves — can really exist in reality. Besides fermions of the Marjoram, scientists are interested long ago how quantum spin liquids "work" and that forces them to behave chaotically. Theorists assume that so-called spinona – the special quasiparticles which are freely "walking" on more thickly liquid and allowing electrons "to exchange" backs widely spaced "are guilty" of it. © the Chinese physics has found Depositphotos hints on existence of "particle antiparticle" their existence as scientists note, has been predicted in 1973, however so far physics didn't manage to record single spinona and to study their properties. The Russian researchers and their foreign colleagues have solved this problem, having picked up the correct material and conditions for conducting an experiment. "There were attempts to find this interaction. But the obtained data only qualitatively coincided with the theory. Our research says that to find spinona, it is necessary to use so-called mottovsky insulators" — Zhukova continues. So scientists call one more exotic quantum material which at the same time combines property of both the insulator, and the conductor. Unlike superconductors, when cooling they don't get, and lose ability to carry current as electrons in them "crowd together" in the isolated groups and begin to push away each other strongly. © Fotolia/Tomasz Zajda Scientists have found a new magnetic state веществаКак Zhukova and her colleagues have found, spinona can be found in the mottovsky insulator, is cooled



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