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The Russian geneticists have learned "to calculate" appearance of future children - RIA Novosti, 8/15/2018

MOSCOW, 15 Aug – RIA Novosti. Scientists from Russia have created the program which allows to compare DNA of parents and to define how will look some lines of their child. Her creators consider that she can become popular at mass distribution of technologies of artificial insemination, the press service of Genotek.© REUTERS/Jorge Dan Lopez Scientists reports have found the genes defining a shape of a nose at the person "Many parents dream to have the healthy and beautiful child. The algorithm developed by us allows to predict lines of future child already today, and over time can become necessary for calculations when planning pregnancy" — Valery Ilyinsky, the geneticist, the CEO of the medico-genetic center Genotek comments. In recent years scientists actively look for genes which define a form of various features and a body, including growth, weight, tendency to corpulence, physical force and many other characteristics. Violations in work of these genes as today geneticists consider, often lead to development of serious diseases, including violation of development of the child and different forms of physical ugliness. The number of these genes, judging by the latest discoveries, can be close to several hundred or even thousands. For example, recently scientists have found out that at once four genes operate a shape of a nose, and the pointedness of a chin depends on one gene. In what measure these genes influence at each other and as they are influenced by other sites of DNA, scientists don't know yet. It complicates assessment of in what degree the device and the sizes of different areas of the person depend on genes and on other factors. © Scientists have found out Fotolia/Master1305 what features most of all depend from genovnauchny employees of Genotek could solve this problem, using the systems of artificial intelligence which have analysed that data set which the Russian startup has saved up for years of the work with DNA of patients from Russia and the countries of the FSU and beyond. Using the regularities opened in this way the Russian scientists have created the algorithm considering influence of 30 various genes on shape of the person. As have shown the subsequent tests, he rather well predicts color of eyes, hair and skin of future child. This program has been published by scientists in open access on the GitHub platform. Any user of network can download it and check her work, using own virtual copies of genomes. © Scientists have found AFP 2018/Andrew Cowie 83 genes which are strongly influencing growth человекаКак scientists emphasize, they don't urge to use this algorithm to create "children by request" or to interfere with natural process of formation of a germ. Similar things are directly forbidden by laws of Russia, Great Britain, China, Canada and many other countries today, and most of their inhabitants is negative to similar things. On the other hand, if the opinion of the public changes, then the algorithm Genotek can be used for the similar purposes in those cases if selection of embryos is made on medical p



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