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The Russian diplomats have visited Butina in the American prison - RIA Novosti, 8/24/2018

MOSCOW, 24 Aug — RIA Novosti. The Russian diplomats have visited Russian Maria Butina in the American prison, reports Embassy of the Russian Federation in the USA on the page on Facebook.© RIA Novosti / Ramil Sitdikov to Pass into an image bank Lavrov in a conversation with Pompeo has urged to stop prosecution Butina "Today the staff of embassy has visited the Russian citizen, the student Maria Butina in the American prison again" — it is said in the statement. According to embassy, to Butina treat as "the dangerous criminal" that complicates meetings with visitors. For the same reason there isn't enough time for acquaintance with case papers and also for forming of the line of protection with lawyers. As have noted in embassy, inflammation of a leg continues to disturb the Russian, at the same time "the qualified examination isn't conducted". "To gross violations of her rights the refusal of prison administration in the admission was added to Maria of the orthodox priest. Restriction of freedom of worship is available" — it is said in the statement. The embassy has also added that it has sent the requirement to cancel the discrimination modes in the relation Butina to prison administration. Besides, diplomats intend and to insist further on the fastest release of россиянки.CC BY 2.0/Pavel Starikov/Maria Butina Moscow have demanded from Washington to close case against the Butinoysleduyushchy visit of staff of embassy to prison to Butina is planned for August 29. Butina was detained in the USA in July, threatens her up to 15 years of prison. She is accused of conspiring with the purpose of work as the agent of the foreign government without registration at Ministry of Justice of the USA and also actually of work as the foreign agent. Butina has declared in court the innocence. The judge has decided to arrest the Russian. The next meeting on her business has to take place on September 10. Till August 17 Butina was supported in prison of Washington, on Friday her have transferred to prison of Alexandria (near the capital).© REUTERS/Alexandria Sheriff's Office of Torture and humiliation: The USA has invented "justice" the Russian diplomats urgently have visited the Russian in new prison where she is supported in isolation in the solitary confinement. As has declared embassy, "after monthly keeping in the Washington prison the Russian citizen without any prevention was on Friday evening transferred to prison of the city of Alexandria, at the same time have taken away all things, including books, towels, sneakers, sanitary products". There have added that "stay in capital prison has ended with humiliating personal inspection with full undressing". The diplomatic mission with indignation has noted that "Maria was transported under guard in shackles, at the same time nobody has found time to explain what occurs and where she is carried". According to embassy, Butina has spent the next 12 hours "in the quarantine camera without food, with the turned-on light and practically without dream", "she is going to be kept locked up in the solitary confinement". The embassy has stated that it will continue to try to obtain release by Butina and will send to State Department of the USA the next demarche with rigid assessment of the unacceptable methods applied to the Russian citizen and the requirement of normal, human reaction to the events. In



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