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The Russian biologists have learned how the old age influences restoration of kidneys - RIA Novosti, 8/10/2018

MOSCOW, 10 Aug — RIA Novosti. Scientists from MSU have found out how decrepitation of an organism influences restoration of kidneys after mass death of their cages. Results of these experiences will accelerate creation of drugs for protection of kidneys of elderly people, scientists write in article in the Cell Cycle.© Fotolia/capifrutta magazine Scientists from MSU have found out why at elderly people kidneys refuse" We have shown that aging is associated with accumulation of the damaged biological structures in a kidney, including proteins, lipids, nucleinic acids and organellas. Kidneys become "old" while a certain threshold value of such changes is reached" — Egor Plotnikov, professor of Lomonosov Moscow State University tells. A key role in the course of aging is played by mitochondrions, "power stations" of cages having own DNA. When they badly cope with the functions, in cages there is a chronic lack of "power currency", molecules ATP because of what there are such senile diseases as Alzheimer's disease and diabetes. Still was considered that these diseases arise because of mutations in DNA of mitochondrions which can't be turned back. A year ago Plotnikov and his colleagues have found out how process of aging of mitochondrions is connected with development of a renal failure in elderly people, watching what occurred in kidneys of young and aged rats whose blood supply was periodically broken in the artificial way. As then have found scientific, "elderly" kidneys transfer similar interruptions in blood supply much worse because it is more difficult to them to cope with a conclusion of the damaged mitochondrions, main "power plants" of cells of people and other living beings. It leads to mass death of cells of kidneys and their refusal. © RIA Novosti / Sergey Guneev to Pass into an image bank Scientists of the Moscow university have tested "an artificial kidney" In the new work Plotnikov and his adherents have allocated fuller set of factors which prevents elderly kidneys to be restored after similar failures in their blood supply. For this purpose biologists have analysed several thousands of researches devoted to a sharp renal failure and have selected those which concerned features of kidneys of elderly patients. It has turned out that the total number of such works doesn't exceed also ten that has forced the Russian biologists to formulate independently the list of the problems arising in work of mitochondrions and other parts of cells of kidneys after development of sharp insufficiency.© Dmitry Zorov the Russian scientists have created means for protection of kidneys from инфекцийК to an example, they have shown what influences probability of restoration of kidneys not only their ability to remove the damaged mitochondrions and also scraps of proteins and other molecules, but also that, how often acute or chronic inflammations develop in them. Respectively, the medicines accelerating a conclusion and destruction of fragments of the damaged mitochondrions and at the same time overwhelming inflammations can become one of the most effective remedies for rescue of kidneys of elderly people. As scientific, further experiences hope and observations will help



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