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The ROC called "painfully low" justification of autocephaly of church in Ukraine - RIA Novosti, 10/9/2018

MOSCOW, 9 Oct – RIA Novosti. The Church Scientific Center (CSC) "Orthodox encyclopedia" called scientific quality of historical researches of representatives of the Constantinople patriarchy on a subject of a church situation in Ukraine "painfully low" and has started the publication of own comments to historical and initial researches of Constantinople on the Ukrainian problem. The first comments posted on the website of Church scientific center concern the report of the bishop Hristupolsky Makari (Griniyezakis), the vicar of the Tallinn metropolitanate, the clergyman of the Estonian apostolic orthodox church as a part of the Constantinople patriarchy. The research of the bishop Hristupolsky Makari began the main source of the historical data used by the Constantinople patriarchy at making decision on intervention in church affairs of Ukraine.© RIA Novosti / Vladimir Astapkovich to Pass into an image bank the Patriarch Kirill called a situation in Ukraine violation of church canons "Taking into account the future consequences … it would be possible to expect that work of the bishop Makari is an example of scientific competence and shows profound knowledge of the actual historical material. Acquaintance to the specified publications sets thinking on on what shaky basis the Constantinople patriarchy tries to form the international church policy" — it is said in the preface to comments. "On the basis of incontestable historic facts in the comment of TsNTs views of the bishop Hristupolsky Makari on history of the Russian Church since 11th century are disproved" — notes in turn Synod department of the Moscow patriarchy of relationship of Church with society and media. Church scientific center in detail considers the events which have led to the actual establishment of autocephaly of the Russian church in 1448. In particular, the answer to charges of "nekanonichny" election of the bishop Ryazan Jonah by the metropolitan Kiev and всея is given to Russia: "In Constantinople didn't even begin to wait for the candidate of the Kiev metropolitanate, and have put on the Kiev department Greek Isidor who isn't connected with a metropolitanate, the active supporter of the union and the active negotiator with Rome in any way. And though the grand duke Moscow Vasily II has openly declared discontent that the Constantinople patriarchy hasn't coordinated the act with the metropolitanate, Moscow faithful to church and initial rules has accepted Isidor "with honor" and didn't challenge his appointment". © RIA Novosti / Alexander Natruskin Pereyti in an image bank of ROC I have supported adoption of the document on a granting order автокефалииНесмотря on it, Isidor has adopted on Ferraro-Florentiysky cathedral the union with Catholics and has returned to Moscow, it is noted in comments of TsNTs, "as the papal cardinal and the legate, with preexecution of a Latin cross; on the first liturgy in Assumption Cathedral of the Moscow Kremlin he has remembered the Pope Evgeny as the head of uniform Church and has arranged solemn reading the bull of the father with statement of decisions of Ferraro-Florentiysky Cathedral". As a result the metropolitan Isidor has been detained and imprisoned in Chu



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