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The ROC called Church Slavonic language national property - RIA Novosti, 11/8/2018

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MOSCOW, 8 Nov – RIA Novosti. The Russian Orthodox Church supports the proposal of the rector of the Moscow university Viktor Sadovnichii on facultative studying at schools of Church Slavonic language as it is not just language of church, and "national property", the head of information service of Synod department of religious education and a catechization celibate priest Gennady (Voytishko) has told on Thursday to RIA Novosti. Sadovnichii has suggested to learn within an open classroom at schools Russian in parallel with Church Slavonic earlier and to consider at the same time history of the people.© of the Photo: the temple of the Great martyr Ekaterina in Rome "Cyrillics has troubled": why Italians go to the Russian church "Practice of teaching Church Slavonic language as an open classroom isn't new to secular schools at all, and we can only welcome it. It is necessary to understand one simple thing: Church Slavonic language — it isn't language of only one Russian Orthodox Church, and national property of each Russian person and therefore it is absolutely clear to us why the secular person, the person of science, the academician Sadovnichii have paid attention to it" — Voytishko has told. Commenting on opinion of some experts that for children studying of Church Slavonic language will be "excess loading" because of congestion of the present school program, the representative of Synod department has told that it is only about an open classroom and that parents have the right to make a choice whether this subject is necessary to their children. "From what I heard – the academician Sadovnichiy doesn't offer obligatory objects, and there is a possibility of the choice. Of course, it isn't necessary to impose anybody anything, but let's give already the chance to our parents to decide that to children to study as an open classroom" — the interlocutor of the agency has told. According to him, teaching Church Slavonic can be interesting and useful, "will expand outlook" children. Necessary teaching personnel, Voytishko has added, for this purpose is: Church Slavonic is learned at teacher training colleges and the universities by Slavists, philologists, specialists in Russian philology and other experts, many good educational and methodical sets on studying of Church Slavonic language which "can be applied at secular school absolutely freely" are published.



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