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The representative of ROC called "sabotage" of work on restoration of the Solovki - RIA Novosti, 8/27/2018

MOSCOW, 27 Aug – RIA Novosti. The first vice-president of Synod department of the Moscow patriarchy of relationship of Church with society and media Alexander Shchipkov has characterized progress in preservation and development of the Solovetsky islands as "sabotage" of the top-level decisions made earlier, having hoped that "in the next one or two-three months" the situation will change to the best. On the twentieth of August at a meeting on revival of the Solovki the patriarch of Moscow and all Russia Kirill has said that "the lack of an integrated approach to preservation and development of spiritual, cultural and natural heritage of the archipelago" remains the main problem of the Solovki. The head of ROC, in particular, noted that "the algorithm which can be used for the fastest completion of restoration works and improvement of the settlement is still not developed". The patriarch has expressed opinion that "if to move such rates, as now, then the solution of a task will require more than 40 years". Acting on air of TV channel "I have saved", the member of the Civic chamber of the Russian Federation Alexander Shchipkov has reminded that else in the summer of 2012 the President of Russia Vladimir Putin has signed an assignment about "development and to realization of a complex of organizational, financial and other necessary measures for preservation and development of the Solovetsky islands" with inclusion in the appropriate state program of the Russian Federation.© RIA Novosti / Sergey Pyatakov to Pass them into an image bank the Patriarch is concerned by the idea of Rosaviatsia to accept on the Solovki the Superjet liners "In 2012 the president gives an impetus and signs an assignment. In 2014, in 2016 nothing becomes practically. The main thing that there is no uniform body which could coordinate activity of the different ministries and departments for restoration of all archipelago including the monastery — same the huge work. <…> If to watch at all these events from 2012 to 2017, then other term as sabotage, I can't pick up. It is my personal point of view as orthodox citizen of Russia" — Shchipkov has told. In particular, he has reminded that the Russian Orthodox Church repeatedly for six last years asked about giving of the status of the religious and historical place to all Solovetsky islands. However, according to him, "things are right where they started: nothing is made". Shchipkov has noted that value of the Solovki for the country "huge, enormous", and it is necessary to make everything to keep the archipelago. "I many times participated in meetings of the various commissions devoted to the Solovki … Therefore other word as sabotage, I can't pick up" — he has emphasized. In April, 2018 the decree of the Russian President has created Fund for preservation and development of the Solovetsky islands which was headed by the director of the Russian Institute of Strategic Researches (RISR) Mikhail Fradkov. According to Shchipkov, this fact is also not casual. "Mikhail Fradkov is the person with extensive practical experience of work in the government, in investigation, the former prime minister. He both manager, and security officer, and person of very rigid character. He has restored almost destroyed institute of RISI" — I have marked out the deputy head sino



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