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The question of migration has divided Europe, the prime minister of the Czech Republic - RIA Novosti, has said 9/2/2018

PRAGUE, 2 Sep – RIA Novosti. Europe in a question of migration is divided, and desire of the president of France Emanuel Macron to organize the EU summit on distribution of illegal refugees abnormally, the Czech prime minister Andrey Babish.© of AFP 2018/TT News Agency/Jonas Ekstromer has said on Sunday Migrants change the power in Sweden" Europe now in a question of migration is divided, it is a lot of various opinions. And the fact that the president of France Emmanuel Macron even wants to organize the EU summit about distribution of illegal refugees over the European countries – it is abnormal. Everything needs to be made completely to stop migration on the old continent" — Babish has told, acting on TVPrima. According to the prime minister, it is impossible to suffer further such situations when Malta refuses to accept the vessel with migrants, and Spain accepts him. It only plays into the hands of smugglers with whom it is necessary to struggle cruelly, Babish considers. Last week the Czech prime minister has visited for discussion of a problem of illegal refugees of the colleagues in Italy, on Malta and in Hungary. On Wednesday he will hold negotiations on the same subject with German Chancellor Angela Merkel. At these meetings Babish, according to him, defends the position which is that migrants should be helped not in Europe, and in their native lands.© of AFP 2018/DPA/Sebastian Willnow In Chemnitz protesters protest against migration policy of Germany "Operations on the termination of transportation of refugees to Europe can become effective only when we conclude the agreement with Libya and with other countries from where there are flows of migrants. I have allocated to these states of Czech Republics since 2015 2,1 billion kroner (about 84 million euros), plus still we will invest 551 million kroner (about 22 million euros) in the agreement of the EU with Turkey" — the prime minister has noted. Commenting on the Saturday statement of the head of the German Foreign Ministry Heiko Maas that it is impossible violently to force certain EU countries to receive refugees, Babish has told that this recognition is very positive and long-awaited. "It is important system approach. And mister Maas speaks not to the first about it. On migration the prime minister of Bavaria, the chancellor of Austria, the Interior Minister of Italy have very radical views" — Babish has emphasized. According to the Czech prime minister, the speech in this case goes not only about quotas on refugee intake, but also that in the countries of Europe the internal political situation becomes aggravated in connection with migrants. "I have told the Italian prime minister that now fight for preservation of our European civilization and culture was actually started. We don't want to live at ourselves as in Africa or in the Middle East, we have to protect our values. But for this purpose it is necessary to find the all-European solution" — Babish has emphasized.



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