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The prospects of application of the EU of measures to Hungary aren't clear yet, Chizhov - RIA Novosti, has said 9/25/2018

BRUSSELS, 25 Sep – RIA Novosti. The prospects of application to Hungary of measures after the resolution of European Parliament at this stage aren't clear, from the procedural point of view there are "enough safety valves", the permanent representative of Russia at the EU Vladimir Chizhov.© of the Photo considers: MZS Ukra§ni Hungary has refused to rename "the minister of Transcarpathia" In September the European Parliament has approved the resolution with an appeal to the EU Council to apply disciplinary actions to Hungary because of violation by the country of "the European standards and the principles of the rule of law". It is about potential start of the procedure which can lead to deprivation of Hungary of the right to vote in the EU Council within article 7 of the contract on the EU. The European Parliament has given an assessment to functioning of the constitutional and selective systems, independence of judicial authority and other institutions, the rights of judges, the state of affairs in the sphere of fight against corruption, freedom of expression and religion, respect for the right of minorities and migrants, asylum-seekers and refugees and also the economic and social rights. "I think that in the general plan it is result of that institutional development of the European Union which we observed the last ten years since the Treaty of Lisbon according to which the European Parliament has been given more large powers" — Chizhov has told RIA Novosti. © Flickr/Agencia de Noticias ANDES of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Hungary has announced continuation of migration policy, despite will of the EU "the Eurodeputies inspired with new powers and not burdened by special responsibility for those decisions which they make have launched this campaign" — he has added. "What as a result can turn out in practice? Viktor Orbán, of course, has given a basic assessment to all this. As we repeatedly spoke, the sharpness of wording of resolutions of European Parliament is compensated by the fact that they have no obliging character" — Chizhov has noted. According to him, in the procedural plan there are, in principle, "enough safety valves", in particular, for the announcement of a situation in the country as posing "a serious threat" RIA Novosti / Alexey Vitvitsky is required to Pass consensus.© into an image bank Year of elections to European Parliament can give surprises, Chizhov "has said But, considering that a similar claim was made and continue to be shown to Poland, it is rather easy to assume what Poles with Hungarians somehow will make so that mutually to veto the most odious decisions. We will look" — he has told. Read the full text of an interview with Vladimir Chizhov on the website of RIA Novosti>>



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