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The project of the highway Dzhubga-Sochi can be expanded to the Crimea, mass media - RIA Novosti, report 9/26/2018

MOSCOW, 26 Sep — RIA of the News/prime. Construction of the road Dzhubga-Sochi which Ministry of Transport has estimated at 1,6 trillion rubles, is discussed with investors, the project of the route can be expanded to the Crimea, the Vedomosti newspaper writes. © RIA Novosti / Sergey Malgavko Pereyti in an image bank the Head of the Crimea has assured that the route "Taurida" will be a besplatnoytrassa has entered the list of the projects offered by the ministries for investments to business, the edition has studied the copy, the authenticity was confirmed by the official and three participants of the working group of RUIE. His working version was discussed last week at a meeting of design committee at the working group of RUIE on selection of projects. In total in the list 394 projects with a total cost over 11,5 trillion rubles. Now it is offered to lay the highway Dzhubga-Sochi on a route from Kerch through Novorossiysk, Dzhubga and Sochi — and to border with Abkhazia, writes the edition. The cost of all project isn't specified in materials for a meeting, but reconstruction of the site Novorossiysk — Dzhubga is estimated at 116,5 billion rubles from which the federal budget can finance 96 billion rubles. It is planned to realize the project on concession with attraction of loan financing, investors can count on privileges on a land tax, the property tax and also to conclude the agreement on protection and encouragement of investments providing the invariance of tax and tariff conditions RIA Novosti / Vitaly Timkiv Pereyti in an image bank is told in materials for a meeting.© Why it isn't necessary to spare expense for the road to Sochipok the list — only the first option of selection of the projects offered by the ministries was reported to the edition by the official. Implementation of the project on reconstruction of the road Dzhubga-Sochi is inexpedient — to carry out the project extremely difficult technically now, Ministry of Transport reported at the beginning of August. However if to connect private investors to work, technical nuances become minor, the participant of meetings in the government has reported to the edition.



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