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The probe of NASA will begin a travel to the Sun - RIA Novosti, 8/11/2018

WASHINGTON, 11 Aug – RIA Novosti. The newest research probe of NASA Parker Solar Probe begins on Saturday a travel to the Sun, the device should solve riddles of a star and to deliver to her the chip with names 1,1 million earthlings, have reported in NASA.© of AP Photo/Terry Renna In NASA have responded to threat of the termination of deliveries Russian двигателейЗапуск the device the carrier rocket Delta IV Heavy belonging to the United Launch Allaince (ULA) company will carry out. Her start from Cape Canaveral launch site (State of Florida) is planned at 10:33 Moscow time (03.33 on time of East coast of the USA) on Saturday. As the company, probability that weather can interfere with start has reported on the eve of start, makes 30%. The probe "Parker" (Parker Solar Probe) is called in honor of the astrophysicist Eugene Parker — the researcher of physics of plasma and the creator of the term "solar wind". Department for the first time called the spacecraft in honor of the recent person — Parker is honorary professor of the Chicago Crew of the ISS university.© NASA today looks for a leak in the Japanese module станцииВ March of the current year of NASA declared that within seven weeks anyone can enter the name on the special microchip which will fly to the Sun on the probe "Parker". For this period it has been collected 1 million 137 thousand 202 names. The chip with them was placed on a plate with a name of Eugene Parker and his quote: "Let's look what waits ahead". The memory card besides names of people of Earth contains photos of professor and his scientific publication of 1958 in which it has described and I have proved the phenomenon of "solar wind". NASA hopes that the probe "will make a revolution in our understanding of the Sun, the only star which we can study at a short distance". "This mission will make one of the most extreme research travel which was undertaken ever by the device created by the person, he still is lucky with himself names of so many people which will encourage him on this travel" — the research supervisor of a mission Nikola Fox.© of NASA/JPL-Caltech/Copernicus/ESA Scientists of NASA has said in connection with the preparing start have estimated earthquake consequences in Indoneziizond of the size of the small car which weighs less than 700 kilograms, has to approach the Sun on record-breaking short distance — 3,8 million miles (6,1 million kilometers) from a star surface. "We will go there where spaceships — risked to go to a crown of our star never before" — Fox notes. "With each round of an orbit we will see new sites of the solar atmosphere and to learn new things about star mechanics which we wanted to study decades" — the scientist notes. The probe will move on a high-elliptic orbit in which will reach the speed close to 700 thousand kilometers per hour. For comparison, with a similar speed it is possible to reach from New York to Tokyo less, than in two minutes. If the mission is successful, Parker will become "the fastest in the history the spaceship", note in NASA.© of RIA Novosti / SpaceX Flickr to Pass into an image bank Mask secretly has discussed with learning



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