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The prime minister of the Czech Republic has reminded of problems of Europe with illegal refugees - RIA Novosti, 9/8/2018

PRAGUE, 8 Sep – RIA Novosti. The majority among the illegal refugees arriving in Europe is made by economic migrants who have funds for fee and smugglers, and the lawyers protecting them from return home the Czech prime minister Andrey Babish has said in an interview to the Bratislava newspaper Pravda.© RIA Novosti / Mikhail Alayeddin Waugh of France on Saturday have counted the number of the Syrian refugees in Europe "you look that for people make the majority among the refugees arriving in Europe. These are illegal economic migrants whose life in the native land nothing threatens. They are able to pay thousands of dollars to smugglers for delivery to the European continent, and then still the considerable sums to lawyers for that they weren't returned to native lands" — Babish has told. According to the prime minister, the system of return home those illegal migrants who haven't acquired the right for accommodation in any of the European countries in the EU don't work at all. "In the EU there are about 1,5 million people who haven't got permissions to stay here, but they can't be sent home, they are protected in all possible ways. So now, quietly to look at this absurd situation which can only worsen over time? Till what time will leaders of some states of the EU indifferently perceive that several years proceed?" — asks the questions Babish.© of RIA Novosti / Rusalin Dmitriyev the Mayor of the Italian town personally has neutralized armed with "rosette" the migrantacheshsky prime minister has expressed the disagreement with policy of the French president Emmanuel Macron who insists on need to distribute between EU countries of those refugees which come to Europe on vessels through the Mediterranean Sea. "Everyone who agrees to it actually issues the new invitation to Europe for illegal economic migrants and a new impulse for activity of smugglers who, according to the Eurostat agency, have earned from it in 2016 about 5,7 billion euros" — the Czech prime minister has told. According to Babish, EU countries need to create some kind of "Marshall plan for Africa" which would consist in arrangements on the help to the certain countries of this continent by an example of the agreement of the EU with Turkey. "Anyway it is necessary to stop an exit of vessels from the African coast to Europe and also not to give them the chance to stick on the European coast as it becomes in Australia" — Babish has emphasized.



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