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The prime minister of Poland has answered claims of the EU to reform of judicial system of Poland - RIA Novosti, 9/25/2018

WARSAW, 25 Sep — RIA Novosti. Claims to the reform of judicial system undertaken in Poland are caused first of all by misunderstanding of its sense, the Polish prime minister Mateusz Moravetsky.© Igor Zarembo Mneniye has said: Poland tries to prove to be the hostess not only the territoriiyevrokomissiya in December, 2017 has started the procedure which can lead to deprivation of Poland of the right to vote in the EU Council within article 7 of the contract on the EU according to which there is an obvious threat of serious violation by the country of the principles of the rule of law. On Monday the EC has decided to ask the highest judicial authority of the EU to estimate quickly compliance of judicial reform in Poland to the communitarian legislation. Appeal to the court of the EU is the next stage of application of the disciplinary procedure. The highest judicial authority of the EU in case it establishes violations of the communitarian legislation, will have the right to apply financial sanctions against Poland. "The controversy is substantially caused by misunderstanding. Misunderstanding what transformation is based on" — Moravetsky has told journalists. According to him, a number of the countries don't understand, "what is post-communism as communism hasn't concerned them". Moravetsky has also said that Poland always wanted to conduct dialogue about judicial system, and appeal to the court the European Commission "interrupts this dialogue".© with Depositphotos/jacek_kadaj the Speaker of the senate of Poland is convinced that the court of the EU will reject the claim of EC against him страныВ August of EC has given to the authorities of Poland month on reduction of judicial reform in compliance with requirements of the EU, having activated the second stage of the procedure concerning Poland by means of transfer to Warsaw of "the reasoned conclusion of rather Polish law on the Supreme Court". The Polish authorities, in return, state that they have presented to Brussels all necessary explanations. At the same time Warsaw itself has appealed to court of the EU with inquiry to take out opinion on compliance of the Polish law on judicial reform to requirements of the legislation of community. According to media reports, the Deputy Prime Minister of Poland Yaroslav Govin has said earlier that Poland "possibly, will have no other choice" except how to ignore the decision of the highest judicial authority of the EU if she in this case suspends the new Polish law on the Supreme Court. The EC considers that 13 laws adopted by the Polish authorities within judicial reform break the principles of the rule of law and provide to the political power control over judicial. The EC has submitted to Warsaw four recommendations earlier, urging to bring the legislation into a framework of the norms.© operating in the European Union the RIA Novosti / Stringer to Pass into an image bank In Poland have said that are still far from the solution of a question of US base in the stranepolsky authorities have made large-scale reforming of the legislation concerning functioning of judicial system. The law on the Supreme Court which has come into force at the beginning of July according to which judges retire at the age of 65 years became one of key changes. They can submit the application addressed to the president and the certificate of health to remain on the post. Head of VS Malgozhata Gersdorf of refusal



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