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The president of Serbia has said that he has arrived in Kosovo with message of peace - RIA Novosti, 9/8/2018

BELGRADE, 8 Sep – RIA Novosti. The president of Serbia Alexander Vucic has reported at the beginning of the two-day trip to Kosovo and Metokhiya on Saturday that he has arrived in edge to tell about the world, stability and economic development.© of AFP 2018/Andrej Isakovic Repartition of borders. What transaction prepares between Serbia and Kosovosvy stay in the Region of Vuchich there has begun with visit of "The center of ecology and development of sport" and the center of the Red Cross in municipality Zubin-Potok and also survey of a dam of hydroelectric power station of Gazivode where the Kosovan-Albanian authorities at first have forbidden him access, and on Friday night, under pressure of the EU and the USA, have resolved. "I have arrived, first of all, to speak about our idea – to maintain the long-term peace, stability and to try to make for future times the best the attitude of Serbians and Albanians. I have arrived to too time that in each place to speak about big investment plans and programs, the business forum in Leshaka will become an excellent opportunity for what" — Vucic has said. According to him, recently Belgrade has invested about two million euros in infrastructure, the sports and ecological center, objects of hydroelectric power station and a dam of the largest accumulative lake in Kosovo about 12 square kilometers. The president of Serbia has also reported about plans to construct the recreational center and a fish farm near the lake, and in the nearby settlement of Zubin-Potok – a new water supply system and the enterprise for processing of agricultural products.© of the RIA Novosti / Maxims Bogodvid Pereyti in an image bank Russia will support any decision, favorable to Serbia, on Kosovo, have declared in Midzaty, as expected, Vucic will visit economy of local Serbian family in the village of Ibarsko-Postene, the agricultural technical school in the settlement of Leshak and in the same place will take part in closing of a business forum. It is planned to finish the presidential program in Kosovo on Saturday late at night a meeting with political representatives of local Serbians in the city of Zvechan. The chairman of the parliament of the self-proclaimed Republic of Kosovo Kadri Veseli has said on Thursday that the available permission of the Kosovan-Albanian authorities to a trip to the Region of Vuchicha can be withdrawn if Pristina considers it "stability threat". Interior Ministers and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Serbia Nebojsa Stefanovich and Ivica Dacic who have demanded from the Kosovan-Albanian authorities not to arrange provocations during the trip and have warned Pristina have reacted to Veseli's statement, "that didn't play with fire". Stefanovich has promised to ensure Vucic's safety on a trip, but didn't begin to open the measures undertaken by the Serbian bodies. Before that he has confirmed the order of the president on the termination of communication of law enforcement agencies of Serbia with police of the self-proclaimed Republic of Kosovo and the contingent under the auspices of NATO concerning a trip. The Kosovan-Albanian structures in Pristina in February, 2008 have unilaterally declared independence of Serbia. The authorities of Serbia under pressure of Brussels and for rapprochement of the region with the European Union and also for the sake of simplification of life in the region to the Serbian citizens in 2011 have been forced to begin negotiations on normalization of the relations with Kosovo Albanians with mediation



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