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The president of Macedonia has declared boycott to a referendum on renaming of the country - RIA Novosti, 9/23/2018

BELGRADE, 23 Sep – RIA Novosti. The president of Macedonia Gjorge Ivanov, addressing the Macedonian diaspora of the USA, I have reported about refusal of participation in the forthcoming referendum on renaming of the former Yugoslavian republic on the contract with Greece. The government of Greece in June has signed the contract with the Republic of Macedonia which solves a long-term dispute on the name and discovers Skopje a way to NATO and the EU, but sparks criticism both in Greece, and in Macedonia. Most of residents of Greece, according to polls, acts against in the name of the neighboring country there was a word "Macedonia". In the former Yugoslavian republic the referendum on her renaming into the Republic Northern Macedonia within the agreement is appointed to September 30. On Saturday night the United Macedonian diaspora of the USA has handed in Detroit to the president Ivanov the certificate on his recognition by "The statesman of global scale". "As for me, I have already voted 27 years ago – on September 8, 1991 (on a referendum on independence of the country). I don't depart from my decision. Therefore on September 30 I won't go to vote" — I have placed a1on TV channel and other media of video of the address of Ivanov to diaspora. In September he has announced to the head of diplomacy of the EU Federica Mogherini rejection of the contract Skopje and Athens on renaming of the former Yugoslavian republic by him, despite prospects of the entry of the country into NATO and the EU. "This agreement not only the name of the existing state changes, but also the new semi-sovereign state with the new name, with new internally - legal and international legal identity is created" — the Macedonian leader, the former dean of law department has noted in Detroit. In the presence of senators of the USA of Paul Mitchell and Déby Dinguel on an action he has indicated the need carrying out in Macedonia fight against corruption and financial and political dependence of parties in Skopje. "Even with adoption of the harmful Greek contract and with introduction of amendments to the constitution, membership in NATO and the EU won't come automatically" — the president of Macedonia has emphasized. The NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg has reported during the summit of the organization in Brussels on July 11 that leaders of all 29 member countries have officially invited Macedonia to enter alliance. He has specified that "as soon as Macedonia will make necessary changes to the constitution, it will be possible to invite officially the country to enter NATO under the new name — the Republic Northern Macedonia". After signing of the protocol on the accession to NATO parliaments of all 29 countries of alliance should ratify it. After inclusion of Macedonia out of NATO there will be only two Balkan countries: Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. Russia traditionally opposes expansion of NATO, calling it threat of the national security. At the same time Moscow also absolutely rejects charges in intervention in affairs of other countries.



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