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The political scientist has assumed that Lukashenko will discuss with Putin in Sochi - RIA Novosti, 8/22/2018

MOSCOW, 22 Aug – RIA Novosti. The president of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko intends to discuss in Sochi with the Russian colleague Vladimir Putin preservation of preferential prices of oil, supply of the Belarusian dairy products to the Russian market and a problem of the becoming tougher mode of the American sanctions, the deputy director of Institute of the CIS countries Vladimir Zharikhin considers. Lukashenko on Wednesday has taken off for the Russian Federation. Heads of two states will discuss "a wide range of questions in development of the Belarusian-Russian cooperation, interaction in integration associations and at international venues, the world agenda", reported the Belarusian state news agency BelTA. The current visit of Lukashenko takes place "without delay" shifts in the government of Belarus which the president has carried out in an emotional manner inherent in him. Rollers and quotes of his performances with criticism of officials have picked up media. Also Lukashenko has once again criticized Russia. In particular, he has noted commitment of integration with the Russian Federation, but has said that Minsk will never become "vassal" of any country. According to him, Russia doesn't fulfill the obligation within the Eurasian Economic Union, creating unequal conditions to the competition in the common market of the union. "Now those words which Lukashenko pronounced to the Russian Federation before are clear. He always before business negotiations on an occasion, first of all, of oil and gas and, to the second turn, concerning sour cream, has a razgonka of politicization of the relations with the purpose to meet Vladimir Putin. And, that Alexander Lukashenko didn't pronounce more offensive words that he (Putin) will keep preferential prices of energy resources, will refuse quoting of energy resources at the level of needs of Belarus. But not as now when Belarus sends a considerable part of these preferential resources for the world market" — Zharikhin has told RIA Novosti, commenting on the possible purpose of a visit of Lukashenko. According to the expert, this time the Belarusian president is faced by an "a difficult task". "Because constant requests of Belarus to support the closest ally on the Union State in economic area somehow everything more isn't mounted (it isn't joined — an edition) from that, at least, neutral position which she takes in sharp disputes between Russia and the West" — the interlocutor of the agency has said. He believes that "the farther, the Lukashenko will be more difficult to leave participating in political, and not just economic coordination of policy with Russia in the conditions of the increasing pressure from, first of all, USA to Russia". "Therefore I think that the meeting will be not really simple" — the expert has explained. Zharikhin has noted that Lukashenko has a need for coordination of the economic relations, "but he never wanted and refuses coordination in the political sphere". He has explained that now the question of political coordination of positions of two countries is of particular importance in the conditions of the amplifying sanctions pressure from the USA. "If you together with Russia, then you have to be together with it and when on



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