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The police of Chemnitz has reported about 18 wounded after the Saturday street protests - RIA Novosti, 9/2/2018

BERLIN, 2 Sep — RIA Novosti. During demonstrations in the Saxon city of Chemnitz on Saturday 18 people, including three police officers have suffered, has reported on Sunday the dpa agency with reference to local law enforcement authorities. Earlier the tabloid BILD reported 11 wounded.© of REUTERS/Hannibal Hanschke In Chemnitz during demonstrations have detained about 300 chelovekpolition, according to dpa, has corrected also number of participants of the actions — with initial 8 to more than 11 thousand people. At the same time about 8 thousand people have participated in the march of memory organized by Alternative for Germany right-wing party and the movement Pro Chemnitz, which has united including the right radicals. In street protests, organized by the left politicians from the Social Democratic Party of Germany (SDPG) and "Left", about three thousand people have taken part. Following the results of street protests 37 criminal cases, including for infliction of bodily injury, causing damage to property and violation of the law about meetings are brought. In separate production case of attack on group of activists of the Social Democratic Party of Germany is allocated. As the vice-head of SPD fraction in the Bundestag Soren Bartol has reported in a social network of Twitter earlier, the group which has arrived from Marburg "was attacked from Nazis", flags with symbolics of SPD have been destroyed, certain participants have undergone physical abuse.© of AFP 2018/DPA/Andreas Seidel ideal dictatorship Is entered: repressions in already nachalisranny morning on August 26 in Chemnitz in the southeast of Germany there was a fight in which the 35-year-old German Daniel Hillig has died. On suspicion of murder the 23-year-old citizen of Syria and the 22-year-old citizen of Iraq have been arrested. In the evening on August 26 hundreds of people in this connection the city holiday has been ahead of schedule stopped have gathered on uncoordinated demonstration in the center of Chemnitz. Have participated in an action, including, the right radicals which cried out threats to migrants. On August 27 in the center of Chemnitz have taken place two more protest actions — an anti-fascist meeting and demonstration of Hilliga of the movement Pro Chemnitz which has united the right radicals created in the wake of murder. They demanded immediate deportation of all illegal immigrants from the territory of Germany.© of AFP 2018/Dpa/Friso Gentsch In Germany unknown hard have beaten the migrant from Eritreiv Saturday in Chemnitz under the auspices of various parties and movements on Saturday demonstrations were staged by about 9,5 thousand people. As of 22:30 (21:30 Moscow time) at least 25 illegal acts have been recorded, in particular it is about injuries, damage to property, resistance to police officers and use of symbols of the forbidden organizations. The majority of violations has been recorded in the downtown. Following the results of demonstrations about 300 people have been detained.



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