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The photo of creation of the first Soviet ballistic missile - RIA Novosti, is published 9/5/2018

MOSCOW, 5 Sep — RIA Novosti. The Russian Space Systems holding (enters into Roskosmos state corporation) has published unique photos of creation of the first Soviet long-range R-1 ballistic missile tested 70 years ago, have reported in the press service of RKS. Pictures of elements of an autonomous control system of a rocket were taken and had collected in an album in 1950 by experts of NII-885 (today — RKS). Still the document remained inaccessible for wide audience. It is noted that R-1 was an analog of the German Fau-2 rocket which the Soviet experts, including employees of NII-885, studied after war. The resolution of Council of ministers of the USSR on creation of R-1 issued on May 13, 1946 has laid the foundation for the Soviet space-rocket industry, having become date of birth of many profile enterprises of branch, including NII-885. In NII-885 two basic divisions, one them whom the chief designer of autonomous control systems Nikolay Pilyugin has headed, and the second — the chief designer of systems of radio control Mikhail Ryazansky have been created. Both of them were included into the council of chief designers created by Sergey Korolev and actively advanced the directions. During creation of R-1 have taken an autonomous control system of "Fau-2" as a basis, but on a measure increase in flying range of rockets both systems began to be applied. The autonomous control system of R-1 created under the leadership of Pilyugin became a result of reconsideration by the Soviet engineers of the German analog. At first they carefully investigated and have completely reproduced an original control system of "Fau-2". And already on the basis of this experience have started creation of own control system with application of domestic elements and materials. The rocket had a one-planimetric control system — it was possible to control during flight only the angular provision of an axis of a rocket and the moment of switching off of engines. Targeting was conducted according to tables of start-up on the purpose with in advance known coordinates — the direction of start-up and operating time of the engine of a rocket was set. All information necessary for traffic control arrived from gyroscopes and accelerometers. "At the organization of production of devices of system of off-line control experts had to face a number of problems — from technological difficulties of the enterprises suppliers to total absence in the USSR of the required component base" — have added in the press service. So, production of some components was arranged especially for the project, it went in parallel with tests of the first samples.



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