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The peace treaty will lower mistrust between Moscow and Tokyo, the expert - RIA Novosti, has said 9/14/2018

MOSCOW, 14 Sep — RIA Novosti. Signing of the peace treaty between Russia and Japan if it takes place, will become a basic step to final normalization of the relations and will lower mistrust of two countries, positively influencing mutually beneficial economic cooperation, the expert of Valdai club, the research associate of Institute of Asia of Griffith University in Australia Nikolay Murashkin has told RIA Novosti. At the plenary session which has taken place at East economic forum in Vladivostok with Shinzo Abe's participation the President of Russia Vladimir Putin has made the proposal to sign the peace treaty until the end of this year without preliminary conditions. "If signing of the peace treaty after all takes place, it will be a basic step to final normalization of the bilateral relations between Russia and Japan which for the rest are rather positive and perspective … Potential benefits for that and other party lie on a surface: existence old and the more so territorial disputes between neighboring states, obviously, harms their national interests" — the expert has told. Among potential benefits Murashkin called "improvement of political climate, decrease in mistrust and development of legal base of the bilateral relations" which can influence development of mutually beneficial economic cooperation. According to the expert, in such strategically important region as Northeast Asia, it is very important to Russia "not to put all eggs in one basket now". "China for Russia — the central partner, but it the excessive or one-sided dependence should avoid and to keep good relations with all neighbors in the region. Many of them in the economic plan also play a key role in Asia: it both Japan, and South Korea. In recent years at Russia the economic relations and with DPRK also develop" — the expert has noted. For Japan, Murashkin has added, signing of the peace treaty will become chance to solve one of several territorial disputes. Besides, he has explained, in Tokyo understand that signing of the peace treaty will help to improve the relations with Russia against the background of rapprochement of Moscow and Beijing. Thus. it will be an opportunity "to be reinsured from emergence in this amplifying union of any anti-Japanese moods". "Besides, Russia is important for Japan not only as the external economic partner, a source of energy and other natural resources, large market of sale and the partner in investment programs. It also the state holding key position in the international hierarchy, the country — the permanent member of the UN Security Council, participating in the Korean settlement. In turn Japan — the key participant of "group of seven", "group of twenty" and many financial and economic organizations in East Asia and the Pacific Rim that has direct value for the Russian foreign policy in the region" — the expert has noted. The relations of Russia and Japan are saddened for many years by lack of the peace treaty. Japan applies for the islands of Kunashir, Shikotan, Iturup and Habomai, referring to the bilateral Treatise about trade and a gra



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