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The patriarch Kirill has reminded of how Russia "hasn't bent a knee" after the union - RIA Novosti, 9/3/2018

MOSCOW, 3 Sep – RIA Novosti. The patriarch of Moscow and all Russia Kirill has reminded in a sermon on circumstances of acceptance by Constantinople in the 15th century of the union with Catholic church and strong determination of clergy and all believers in Russia to keep Orthodoxy, and has said, as today attempts "to tear off orthodox Ukraine from the Russian church" won't be crowned with success. © AP Photo/Lefteris Pitarakis the Patriarch Kirill has disclosed details of a meeting with Varfolomeempo to the words of the patriarch, in the 15th century the orthodox church was comprehended by heartrending experiences: "in 1439 the emperor of orthodox Byzantium together with the patriarch Constantinople make the decision to reunite with Catholic church, that is, in fact, to adopt Catholicism". The Constantinople patriarch has gone to the Italian city of Ferrara to sign the union on Cathedral. At that time Constantinople looked for protection against the approaching threat of conquest by Ottoman Turks, and "the emperor for purely pragmatical reasons, wishing to rely on military power of the West, has decided to adopt Catholicism, reunite with Rome". "Over Russia clouds were condensed. The metropolitan who is lawfully sent from Constantinople Kiev and всея Russia Isidor adopts in Italy the union and in pontifical vestments, in a red hat and a red cloak, enters the city of Moscow. He expected that all will bend before him a knee, but it hasn't occurred. The grand duke Vasily Vasilyevich expels Isidor from Moscow — it exile has happened with direct participation of clergy which hasn't accepted either Isidor, or the union" — the patriarch has told. Then in the head of the Russian Orthodox Church there was a prelate Moscow Jonah — the first metropolitan put by the episcopate of ROC and the first head of autocephalous, independent Russian church who has used many efforts for maintaining church unity in Russia. In turn Isidor expelled from Moscow and supported by the Constantinople patriarch has lodged in the western areas which still remained faithful to Moscow and the Metropolitan of Moscow and всея Russia. © RIA Novosti / Grigory Kostin Pereyti in an image bank of ROC: on the main issues of granting autocephaly will reach консенсусЧерез several years, the patriarch Kirill, efforts of the prince Lithuanian, according to direct instructions of the father Kallist has continued, the western dioceses of the Russian church are torn away from Moscow by force. Some of them adopt the union, some remain Orthodox Christians, but they are forbidden to remember a name of the Metropolitan of Moscow and всея Russia. "We know what difficult was history of the western Russian dioceses which were in the territory of present Lithuania, Belarus, Ukraine as it was difficult to resist political pressure, but, nevertheless, the spiritual bond always remained. And when at the sovereign Alexey Mikhaylovich, reunion of Ukraine to Russia happens by efforts of the patriarch of Moscow and all Russia Nikon in 1654, our brothers who are torn away by heavy historical circumstances enter communication with a hail by Moscow again" — the head of the ROC has told. In 1686, he has reminded, the Constantinople patriarch Dionysius transfers to the prelate Mo



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