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The patriarch Kirill has addressed on the occasion of Day of sobriety - RIA Novosti, 9/11/2018

MOSCOW, 11 Sep — RIA Novosti. The day of sobriety is celebrated on Tuesday in Russia, in all Orthodox churches this day uplift special prayers about healing from alcoholism. The first celebration of Day of sobriety was held in 1911 in St. Petersburg, since 1914 he began to be noted regularly. Date has been chosen on September 11 not accidentally — this day the orthodox world remembers John the Baptist's death on a drunk feast in the palace of the Judaic tsar Herod. This day believers observe a strict post, before revolution in Russia wine benches were closed and sale of alcoholic beverages stopped. In the Soviet Union the Day of sobriety wasn't celebrated, the tradition has renewed in 2005. The holiday has been restored at the initiative of Russian Orthodox Church. The patriarch of Moscow and all Russia Kirill has made the special address on the occasion of Day of sobriety, having noted that he is established "in a reminder on to what terrible consequences leads unlimited alcohol intake". © RIA Novosti / Ilya Pitalev to Pass into an image bank From conception to terrible death: holidays and John the Baptist's riddles "Unfortunately, quite often people choose imaginary pleasures which are wrapped in a grief not only for them, but also for their relatives. Our many compatriots in search of momentary pleasures get to alcohol or other addiction, perishing both soul, and a body" — it is said in the address. The head of the Russian church has expressed satisfaction that today in many dioceses rehabilitation and advice centers open, brotherhoods and groups of sobriety act, events for prevention of alcoholism and promoting of the ideas of a sober way of life are held. Nevertheless, he recognized, there is a lot more work. "Only more than 1,5 million Russians are registered in narcological institutions and to help the become dependent people to return to full-fledged and sober life, it is necessary to continue this work, including in interaction as with the state, and public organizations" — the patriarch has told. The decision of the Sacred synod in July, 2016 has accepted the concept according to sobriety and prevention of alcoholism, and in 2012 the church has accepted the document "About Participation in Rehabilitation of Drug Addicts". Today in tens of church shelters and the rehabilitation centers alcohol-addicted and their relatives receive the help.



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