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The passenger of the plane which has lit up in Sochi has told landing details - RIA Novosti, 9/2/2018

The Boeing 737-800 plane of Utair airline which has made emergency landing in Sochi. September 1, 2018
MOSCOW, 2 Sep — RIA Novosti. Rinat Yakubov going aboard by Boeing 737-800 of Utair airline which was rolled out of runway limits at Sochi Airport has told REN-TV of a detail of an incident.© RIA Novosti / Ekaterina Lyzlova to Pass into an image bank In Network video from the place of crash landing of the plane in Sochipilot, according to Yakubov has appeared, I have warned passengers about bad weather in the destination then has several times tried to come in the land. It seemed to the people who are originally in salon that landing has taken place successfully, however the plane has tilted as soon as an applause has begun to sound. "The captain declared that the fire has begun and it is necessary to be evacuated urgently. Also evacuation has begun: who on inflatable ladders, who on wings is direct to this small river" — Yakubov has told. Earlier Izvestia has published record of negotiations of pilots of the aircraft with dispatchers of Sochi Airport. Follows from interpretation that after unsuccessful attempt to land the employee of the air harbor has suggested crew of the liner to leave on the second circle. At the same time pilots several times specified data on weather conditions. Rushes of a side wind and poor visibility were alarming crew. The plane of Utair airline has made emergency landing in Sochi on Friday night. As have told in Rosaviatsia, when landing which was made in difficult meteoconditions after calling on the second circle, the liner was rolled out of limits runway strips, has crossed a trailer strip of safety and has stopped in 200 meters from a runway end face. As a result the aircraft has sustained considerable damage, there was a fire. Onboard the vessel there were 164 passengers and six crew members, among them there are no victims, however the employee of the airport has died. 18 people have suffered. Criminal case is brought.



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