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The participant of Pussy Riot Verzilov has said that he wants to return to Russia - RIA Novosti, 9/26/2018

MOSCOW, 26 Sep — RIA Novosti. The participant of the War and Pussy Riot art group Pyotr Verzilov who was on treatment in Germany, has said that he is afraid of the Russian intelligence agencies, but at the same time REUTERS/Nadezhda Tolokonnikova wants to return to Russia.© the Activist of Pussy Riot Verzilov has reported about improvement samochuvstviyarany the girlfriend Verzilova Veronika Nikulshina has reported to media that he has been hospitalized. According to her, Verzilov has begun to lose sight, the speech and ability to move, the ambulance has brought him to toxicological resuscitation. Later the participant of Pussy Riot Maria Alekhina has reported to RIA Novosti that Verzilov is brought to Germany for treatment and clarification of the reasons of poisoning. As the tabloid Bild reports, on Monday Verzilov has been discharged from intensive care unit in usual chamber, but doctors demand that visitors put on a surgical mask. "I feel better, I hope that I will be written out as soon as possible. And I want to return back to Russia" — Verzilov has said to the edition.© of the Photo: the Prosecutor's office TV company "Rifey-Perm" has suggested to reconsider case of poppy at the pensioner from Permipri it he considers that he was poisoned by the staff of the Russian intelligence agencies. "I am firmly convinced that behind my poisoning there are Russian intelligence agencies, perhaps, the Russian intelligence service GRU. Poisoning was so professional that it was impossible to come to other conclusion" — he has told. Verzilov puts forward two possible versions of motives of poisoning. "For my actions during the World Cup final which have madly angered them, and for my communication with three Russian journalists who have been killed in Africa. I wanted and I want to make investigation about what happened to three journalists. It could become the reason why intelligence services have wanted to poison me" — Verzilov has said, without having presented at the same time any justifications or proofs.© the RIA Novosti / Stringer to Pass into Maksakov's image bank has challenged the transaction on sale of the apartment in Moskvev of the CAR on July 30 Kirill Radchenko, Alexander Rastorguyev and Orhan Jemal have died, they at themselves had expired journalistic certificates of various media. The IC RF has brought criminal case under the article "murder". As has reported the Investigations Management Centre, journalists shot the documentary about presence of the Russian military instructors in the CAR, at the same time in the Russian Foreign Ministry called absurd messages about investigation of activity of PMC in the CAR, having specified that department in March reported about sending instructors to this country. Participants of Pussy Riot, including Verzilov, have run out on July 15 in the second half of the final on the football field from which have been quickly removed with control and administrative service of stadium. They were brought to police station where have made protocols on administrative violations. The court has found Verzilov guilty under the article "Gross Violation of Rules of Conduct of the Audience when Holding Official Sports Competitions" and has imposed him sentence in the form of 15 days of arrest.



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