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The owner has quashed rumors about the shortage of food on the vessel "Kuzma Minin" - RIA Novosti, 9/26/2018

MURMANSK, 26 Sep – RIA Novosti. The Murmansk Shipping Company (MSC) denies information of the Russian labor union of seamen which has reported that at crew of the vessel "Kuzma Minin" in the Dutch port products come to an end, states that onboard there are provisions in enough and considers that the labor union distributes "the provocative information which is unreasonably discrediting business reputation of the company".© Fotolia/Ralf Gosch Dutches raise money for products to seamen from the vessel "Kuzma Minin" the Vessel "Kuzma Minin" is at the Ternezen port mooring (Netherlands). Earlier Russian labor union of seamen with reference to the inspector of the international federation of transport workers has reported that on the vessel "Kuzma Minin" of the Murmansk shipping company products come to an end – the inspector himself has examined storerooms onboard the vessel and has come to such conclusion. The labor union has also reported that the Dutch club of seamen on the page on social network has begun fund raising in support of the Russian seamen. "Onboard the vessel there is a fresh water and necessary provisions, fuel in volume is enough for work of the vessel during the parking. According to applications of crew members supply of additional food is expected on September 26" — it is said in the statement of shipping company. The company notes that the captain the Kuzma Minin motor ship has refused the help of members of the International federation of transport workers." (He) has reported that seamen of the vessel don't need anything, applications for supply are carried out according to the existing order, the salary is in due time paid to crew members. Nevertheless, the Russian labor union of seamen has once again posted the provocative information which is unreasonably discrediting business reputation of our shipping company on the website" — consider in shipping company.© RIA Novosti / Elena Shesternina Na the Polar region motor ship standing in Spain will issue документыВ the companies recognize that at the moment JSC Murmansk Shipping Company is in difficult economic conditions, however seeks to keep jobs and pays the salary. "Management of the company makes all efforts that working conditions of seamen were at the acceptable level" — claim in MMP. It is reported that the management of shipping company "sees negative intention and also intention to discredit the Russian shipowner in the opinion of the Russian and international public". As the coordinator of the International Federation of Transport Workers (IFTW) in Russia Sergey Fishov who has worked in the Murmansk shipping company of 18 years has explained RIA Novosti, the Russian labor union of seamen "can have no evil intention". "We really cover events which happen to seamen. We care for seamen, but not for a commercial component of Murmansk Shipping Company … All responsibility for what happens in shipping company lies on his owner" — Fishov has told. According to the Russian labor union of seamen, about seven vessels of shipping company experience difficulties abroad. JSC Murmansk Shipping Company, whose several vessels, on



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