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The number of detentions on a carnival in Britain has grown to 373 - RIA Novosti, 8/28/2018

LONDON, 28 Aug — RIA Novosti, Denis Voroshilov. The number of detentions on a carnival in the London district of Notting Hill by late evening of Monday has grown local time to 373, Scotland Yard.© of AFP 2018/Daniel Leal-Olivas In Britain has reported have sealed up the apartment where can be dangerous veshchestvorany the police stated that, as of 18:00 Mondays (20:00 Moscow time), more than 250 people have been detained. "Late evening on Monday one person has got not life-endangering knife wound. Fortunately, it was the only serious incident for all the time of holding a festival … However in 36 cases (from visitors of a carnival) weapon was withdrawn, for days off 373 persons have been detained … 30 police officers have been wounded" — it is said in the statement of Scotland Yard received by RIA Novosti. This year the record number of police officers has been involved to providing law and order: 7 thousand employees worked at streets of the Area of Notting Hill on Monday, more than 6 thousand — on Sunday. The annual carnival has passed at the strengthened security measures, caused by the constant growth of violence and crimes with use of cold weapon in days of a festival. The carnival in Notting Hill is carried out annually at the end of August since 1966. Its main participants are natives of the Caribbean region who have begun to lodge in the west of London after the 1950th years. In 2017 the number of guests of a festival has exceeded 1 million people. At the same time during a carnival last year 313 people have been detained, and several weeks prior to him 656 preventive arrests.© of AP Photo/PA/Stefan Rousseau In Britain have been carried out several years have dismissed charges on the case of the tragedy at stadium in 1989 to a goduuzha the festival is associated not only with a holiday, but also with growth of number of crimes during his carrying out. The police fixes tens of offenses connected with drugs, violence, attack with cold weapon. Last year among others 12 assaults on law enforcement officers have been committed, automobile driving in alcohol intoxication was stopped, 50 violations of the law about weapon handling are recorded. Also police officers have recorded 58 cases of the offenses connected with drugs and six offenses of sexual nature. In two days 28 representatives of police have been wounded. The police constantly withdraws firearms, knives, bludgeons and gas sprays from guests of a festival. Locals and owners of the real estate for the period of the festival drive in windows of houses and shops boards from thick plywood, many enclose house adjoining territories with temporary grills with the purpose to escape from the vandalism accompanying a carnival.



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