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The Nizhny Novgorod Polytechnic University will become the first in Russia "the economical university" - RIA Novosti, 8/24/2018

NIZHNY NOVGOROD, 24 Aug — RIA Novosti. The Nizhny Novgorod State Technical University (NNSTU) of Alekseev will become the first in Russia "the economical university", the press service of the governor and the government of the Nizhny Novgorod Region with reference to the head of the region Gleb Nikitin reports. In the message it is noted that "NGTU will become the regional center of competences in the new forms of the organization of work based on the principles of economical production". "Our Nizhny Novgorod Polytechnic University became the first higher education institution in Russia which will start specialized courses on economical technologies both for students, and for the acting staff of the enterprises that they had an opportunity to improve skills. These programs of training will allow graduates to become leading experts on industrial productions, to gain in the long term very good income, their knowledge will be extremely demanded" — the press service cites words of Nikitin. According to the rector of NGTU of Alekseev of Sergey Dmitriyev, at the university "the factory of processes" where students learn to solve practical problems of use of economical technologies for increase in labor productivity is created, the press service notes. It is explained that work of the center of competences will be directed to development and implementation of programs of preparation, retraining and professional development of shots in the field of economical production for the enterprises and the organizations of the region and the Volga Federal District. In higher education institution training of bachelors on the "Quality Management in Economical Production" and "Organization of Economical Production" profiles and also masters according to the "Quality Management System in Economical Production" and "Modelling of Processes of Economical Production" programs is already conducted. "For students of all machine-building directions, including students in absentia, the discipline "Economical production" is entered into curricula — it is noted in the message. According to Dmitriyev, since new academic year will enter the obligatory section "Economical Production" into structure of final qualification works of bachelors. "One more of activities of the regional center is audit and consulting of the industrial enterprises. Besides, the project provides introduction of the principles of economical production and at the university — their distribution on business processes in NGTU of R.E. Alekseev for the purpose of increase in efficiency and decrease in costs" — the press service reports. It is emphasized that this year the principles of "economical production" have been already approved in work of selection committee of the university and have given positive effect, having allowed to reduce approximately by a third of expense of material and temporary resources. Read other news of the region here>>



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