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The network has derided Poroshenko's posters by the Independence Day of Ukraine ‍ - RIA Novosti, 8/23/2018

MOSCOW, 23 Aug — RIA Novosti. Users of social networks with irony have reacted to the posters which have appeared on the eve of the Independence Day of Ukraine on the Kiev streets with Petro Poroshenko's slogans. © to Pass the RIA Novosti / Stringer into an image bank To parade rehearsals in the center of Kiev has decayed a tankna billboards against the background of the State Emblem the text is printed: "Army! Language! Belief! We go in the way! We — Ukraine. Petro Poroshenko". Some users have characterized these slogans as Middle Ages remnants which don't answer the purpose of the developed country. "It would seem, we live in 2018, but have to battle for the purposes, worthy medieval society" — the journalist Alexey Rosovetsky writes. Others note that among priorities of the president there is no economy, which "in ruins", democracy which "is strangled" reforms which "are failed". © to Pass RIA Novosti into an image bank of AFU will pass to a greeting "Glory to Ukraine!" since August 24 "What he will offer the voters?" — people often ask. Here answer! What, to hell, economy? What, to hell, democracy? What reforms? ARMY! MOVA! VIRA! And we will be happy" — the blogger Gleb Lyashenko has written. The journalist Andrey Shokotko considers that Poroshenko has stolen a slogan from the minister of education Sergey Uvarov of Nicholas I's times. "Not he has thought up the slogan "army, language, belief" which is put forward by Poroshenko, this kind old "Orthodoxy, autocracy, nationality". Language — the same nationality" — he writes, comparing the president of Ukraine to the monarch. According to him, in the Ukrainian army "<…> the commander" (Letters because of which the word in an original post gets an obscene shade are excluded. — The editor's note) also is an autocrat. "With belief everything is clear. Clamps skrepny" — he has concluded. © to Pass RIA Novosti into an image bank the Employee of Yuzhmash called a new Ukrainian missile system "plywood" Some Ukrainians, by their recognition, such slogans frighten a little. "I jump in policlinic today and I observe бигборд with the next opus by Pirozhenko (Poroshenko — an edition). "Arm_ya! Mova! V_ra!" — Lera Gavrilenko writes. According to her, after that at her on a back there has passed "the light chill" because it has reminded her the work by George Orwell "1984". According to her, in this regard it is possible to change the last two statements for "the Newspeak! Elder brother!" Also she has criticized that in these slogans "there is nothing about the person" and also about freedom, wellbeing, prosperity, however there is an emphasis on army and belief, and in the secular state. In April Poroshenko has signed the decree on the celebration of the Independence Day of the country on August 24, this day there will take place the military parade. According to the Minister of Defence Stepan Poltorak, more than four thousand servicemen and also 250 units of military equipment will participate in an action. Some Ukrainian mass media at the same time reported that department can't count parade cost.



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