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The Network has derided Clinton who has stared at Ariana to Granda in a short dress - RIA Novosti, 9/1/2018

MOSCOW, 1 Sep — RIA Novosti. The ex-U.S. President Bill Clinton was derided in Network for glances which he darted at the singer Ariana Grande. © REUTERS/Eric Thayer/File Photo "the queen of a soul" Aretha Franklinvnimaniye of users Has died have attracted shots from a funeral of the American soul singer Aretha Franklin. Among other performers Ariana Grande has made a speech at a ceremony, and behind her during the performance the ex-U.S. President Bill Clinton sat. How he examined Grande in a short dress, some have considered unacceptable. In photos it is visible that the former head of the state with a smile looked at the singer's legs, having slightly opened a mouth. In some pictures he has a snack a lip. At the same time speeches of other actors haven't caused in Clinton such emotions.Gross … Watch Bill Clinton look Ariana Grande up and down when she sings at #ArethaFranklinFuneral and try not to throw up in your mouth. 🤮 "is disgusting. Only look how Bill Clinton examines Ariana Grande, and try that you hasn't pulled out" — I have written @TimRunsHisMouth. However, the behavior of the former head of the White House seemed to much amusing. "Clinton is the real fan of Ariana Grande" — @miggsmiggsmiggs has joked. Someone has paid attention that during the speech of other performers the ex-president looked considerably less interested. Ariana Grande & that black dress brought Bill Clinton back to life 😂 "Ariana Grande and her dress have returned to Bill Clinton to life" — has noticed @SupaCrankIt.Ariana Grande got Bill Clinton ready to risk it all again 😭😭😭. "Because of Ariana Grande Clinton is ready to risk everything again" — I have written @HargraveGlobal, having reminded of the scandal which has run high in 1998 because of information on communication of the 42nd U.S. President with the young employee of the White House Monica Lewinski. Then Clinton was threatened by an impeachment, however after long trial in the senate all charges have been dismissed from him. Aretha Franklin's funeral has taken place on Friday in Detroit. The singer has died on August 16 on the 77th year of life from a pancreatic cancer.



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