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The Ministry of Emergency Situations counts on start of two more satellites of monitoring by the end of the year - RIA Novosti, 9/3/2018

MOSCOW, 3 Sep — RIA Novosti. The Ministry of Emergency Situations expects that two more satellites for space monitoring of a fire-dangerous situation will be by the end of the year launched, have reported RIA Novosti in the press service of Emercom of Russia. © RIA Novosti / Valery Melnikov to Pass Roskosmos into an image bank I have ordered the satellite of the round-the-clock observation of Earth" Now the Ministry of Emergency Situations uses operational data of remote sensing of Earth from eight Russian and 10 foreign devices. Since the beginning of year by means of the system of space monitoring more than 12 thousand pictures on a fire-dangerous situation are received, processed and transferred to regions. Until the end of 2018 start of two more spacecrafts of the Kanopus series is planned — the interlocutor of the agency has told. All work on development of system of space monitoring is carried out within implementation of the Federal space program for 2016-2025. One of her directions — expansion of network of the centers of reception and processing of space information on the basis of Control centers in crisis situations of territorial authorities of the Ministry of Emergency Situations. The centers of space monitoring accept and process pictures from satellites. Pictures are daily processed and transferred to subjects where ignition cases come to light. It allows to obtain information on incident at an early stage.© of Depositphotos/JohanSwanepoel In Russia have constructed the laser gun for destruction space мусораСейчас the centers of space monitoring work in Moscow, Krasnoyarsk, Vladivostok, Vologda and Murmansk. By the beginning of 2019 one more will be opened in the Arctic rescue center Dudinka of Krasnoyarsk Krai. By 2020 creation of the similar center on Chukotka in Anadyr is planned. Increase in number of the centers of reception of space information will allow to accept data from all spacecrafts which uses for the benefit of the Ministry of Emergency Situations. Besides, retrofitting of stations is planned by the new equipment. Thanks to it the frequency of receipt of data of space monitoring with four to eight times a day will increase. "Thanks to modeling of a situation and preliminary bringing information to authorities it is possible to minimize consequences of these natural phenomena" — the interlocutor has cited words of the Minister of Emergency Situations Evgeny Zinichev.



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