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The Ministry of Defence has declared the beginning of "approach" to falsifiers of history - RIA Novosti, 11/8/2018

MOSCOW, 8 Nov – RIA Novosti. The Russian Defense Ministry plans to pass from defense to strategic approach in fight against falsifications of history of Russia, the chief of the head military-political department colonel general Andrey Kartapolov.© has said on Wednesday RIA Novosti / Vladimir the Song to Pass into an image bank the Museum of occupation in Riga has given the victim of Nazis for the prisoner of GULAG "our total debt — to support big public request for accurate, objective information on the military past of the Fatherland, for transition in battle for historical judiciousness of Russians from defense to strategic approach" — Kartapolov at the "Military Science of Russia through a Prism of the Personality" conference has told. According to the general, the USA and "political regimes faithful to them" impose unipolar model of world order, "what is followed by impudent revision of results of World War II, a perversion of a true role of the Soviet Union in achievement of a victory over fascism". © RIA Novosti / Alex Maknoton Pereyti to the West has again come to an image bank it became time to get false "Peter I's will" History of World War II by object of the greatest falsifications, Kartapolov considers. Meanwhile battles on this military and historical front influence "formation of historical consciousness and patriotic qualities of" Russians ". We so far at best respond falsifiers to their attacks, with great or smaller success we expose from fabrication on some specific question. Meanwhile long ago time to form own agenda, to create such public and moral atmosphere at which any conscious derogation from the truth of history would be perceived by our fellow citizens as anomaly has come and caused rejection" — Kartapolov noted. He has emphasized that "the Head military-political department created in Armed forces intends to work thus". © Illustration of RIA Novosti. Depositphotos/coolfonk, Depositphotos/ArturVerkhovetskiy Fakes in science: scientists go for forgery for the sake of ideals and "the Problem of opposition to falsifications of history we consider glories for GVPU of one of the most important. It can be solved differently, but already today that is called without additional expenses it is necessary to take in this regard a noticeable step forward and to provide in the program of military-political preparation with all categories of the military personnel the questions opening fight for the history truth" — I have told the deputy minister. Work is necessary multidimensional, labor-consuming and will demand participation not only bodies of military management and military-political bodies, but also the general public, the general has concluded.



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