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The Ministry of Defence has accused Israel of the crash Il-20 - RIA Novosti, 9/23/2018

MOSCOW, 23 Sep — RIA Novosti. The fault for the Il-20 reconnaissance aircraft which is shot down in Syria lies with the Israeli Air Force, the official representative of the Ministry of Defence major general Igor Konashenkov has said. "The submitted objective data demonstrate that the actions of the Israeli fighter pilots which have led of 15 Russian servicemen to death speak or about their nonprofessionalism, or, at least, about criminal negligence" — he has told during the briefing. The Ministry of Defence specifies that the Israeli pilots of the F-16 fighters were intentionally covered Russian Il-20 from the Syrian anti-aircraft missiles.© RIA Novosti / Alexander Rybalchenko to Pass into an image bank After Il-20: Israel should prove that it appreciates the Russian lives" the Israeli pilot couldn't but understand that the effective reflecting surface of the Il-20 plane considerably exceeds the similar surface of the F-16 fighter and Russian plane will be the preferable purpose for an anti-aircraft missile" — Konashenkov has added. The Ministry of Defence has noted that F-16 the maneuver of rapprochement about Il-20 made that has been apprehended by the Syrian air defenses as attempt of the second attack to infrastructure facilities in Syria.© Vitaly Podvitsky the Tragedy Il-20 in Syria In the Ministry of Defence have emphasized that the crew Il-20 tried to escape and has come in emergency landing after has been used by the F-16.© AFP fighters 2018/Jack Guez "It Is Necessary to Be Answerable Publicly": the Israeli media — about the crash Il-20 "At 22:03 the Syrian anti-aircraft missile has struck larger (than the Israeli F-16 — an edition) and the near purpose — the Il-20 plane. The commander of crew has reported on the fire on a board and the beginning of the emergency decrease". It is noted that four minutes later the mark of the Russian plane has disappeared from radars. The Defense Ministry has said that have an audio recording of warning of the Israeli Air Force of airstrike on Syria in Russian. It is noted that Israel has notified Russia on the planned airstrike at the time of the beginning of an air raid, but not beforehand. Thus Tel Aviv has violated arrangements with Moscow of 2015 about prevention of incidents in air, Konashenkov has said. At the same time Israel hasn't reported Russia about location of the F-16 fighters. Besides, Moscow have misled concerning the area of striking a blow on Syria. © AP Photo/Baz Ratner Cover from a rocket. As the Israeli Air Force has substituted the Russian Il-20 under blow "during negotiations on the line of a dekonflikting the representative of the headquarters of the Israeli Air Force has reported that purpose to which it is planned to strike blows by the Israeli aircraft are in the north of Syria" — he has told. "As you see on the card, blows of the Israeli Air Force were struck not in a northern part of the Syrian Arab Republic, and near Latakia which is the western province, and the city of Latakia is located on the western coast of the country" — Konashenkov has added. Right after prevention, the commander Il-20 which was in the north of Syria has received the instruction to leave the area of performance of a task to the south and to come back to base. "Deception by the Israeli officer concerning areas of striking blows by fighters



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