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The MFA has told about creation of conditions for work with Iran after sanctions of the USA - RIA Novosti, 9/26/2018

MOSCOW, 26 Sep — RIA Novosti. Moscow together with partners actively prepares conditions for work with Iran after strengthening of sanctions of the USA expected in November, at the same time the Russian side urges Washington to go on the way of dialogue, but not intimidation of other members of the international community, the Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Ryabkov.© of REUTERS/Carlo Allegri has told on Wednesday to RIA Novosti Settlement of the Iranian problem can't be reduced to sanctions, Macron" the Second day in a row from New York from the highest officials of the USA has said the threats addressed not only to the government of the Islamic Republic of Iran, but also all other countries including economic operators from these countries which are ready and adjusted to develop lawful economic interaction with Iranian partners reach. We from Washington actually have at the slightest pretext got used to these threats, for us it isn't news" — Ryabkov has told, commenting on the last statements of administration of the USA for intention to strengthen the sanctions pressure upon Tehran. On Wednesday at a meeting of the UN Security Council on non-proliferation the U.S. President Donald Trump has said that Washington will continue to impose tough sanctions against all range of "malicious" activity of Iran.© of REUTERS/Carlos Barria Trump has promised to costitute tough sanctions against Iran "what administration of the USA is categorical, without some fluctuations and doubts, without attempts to agree with someone on a reasonable basis enters the illegitimate, contradicting fundamentals of international law sanctions measures, for this reason Russia together with other members of the international community is engaged in active work on creation of conditions for continuation of interaction with the Iranian side after the introduction of following "package" of the American restrictive measures expected in November. I think that it is the unique way of the answer to the American policy of blackmail" — Ryabkov has emphasized. "We, nevertheless, urge the American side to weigh after all pluses and minuses from continuation of this policy. The agreement in force with Iran – JCPOA — fulfills the purpose, providing reliable international control of nuclear activity of Iran according to the highest standards of transparency in this sphere to which – standards – Iran has gone voluntarily. Besides JCPOA allows to strengthen the international mode of nuclear non-proliferation. That and another, in my opinion, for the benefit of the USA" — I have added the Russian Deputy Foreign Minister. © Makhmutov to Pass the RIA Novosti / Novel into an image bank Trump has placed accents: happiness waits only for friends СШАПо it to the words "more correct" in this situation was to move after all on the way of implementation of the reached agreement. "And to discussion of possible other questions which due to various reasons interest the USA and some allies of America we in Russia are open, it was stated repeatedly. That is both in this very intense and in some aspects of a disturbing situation we call all, including Washington again, to go on the way of dialogue and search of mutually acceptable decisions, but not a way



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