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The MFA has hoped for recession of a wave of escalation of trade wars - RIA Novosti, 8/15/2018

SVETLOGORSK (Kaliningrad region), 15 Aug – RIA Novosti. Russia will look for opportunities to minimize damage from the trade wars developed in world economy, hopes for recession of a wave of escalation of these conflicts, but so far events prove the return, the Russian Foreign Ministry spokesman Maria of Zakharov.© RIA Novosti / Vitaly Nevar Pereyti in an image bank of the USA has said haven't coped with a role of the superman, has said in a Zakharovataky way she has commented on the next round of the trade wars initiated by Washington — exchange of restriction measures in bilateral to trade between the USA and Turkey. "Not Russia was a developer of the concept of globalization. Besides, western there was an operating time, and all have believed in it, have anyway begun to participate in process of financial, economic globalization, to consider as a certain community in which everyone can make the contribution, to be at the same time on equal terms an economic and financial operator. Today we see that it not so" — Zakharova at a briefing has said. She has noted that in this context Russia will proceed from concrete results which will appear from these economic wars.© RIA Novosti / Evgeny Odinokov Pereyti in Zakharov's image bank has explained why the USA continues to impose sanctions" We have made the choice. After sanctions have been announced, we used this moment — not that which we initiated, precisely we didn't wait for it — but in this historical reality, this historical zadannost, in these historical conditions that choice us which has allowed the country to go in the way has been made and to increase internal resources" — Zakharova has explained. She has noted that Russia will look for ways of minimization of damage in process of succession of events. "But also at the same time definitely without gloating over and without rubbing a hand that, here, they have reached now and to Turkey – so it is impossible to work and so it is impossible to think even. Why? Because the world is so globalized that you don't know from what sanctions against what state the effect to you and in what form it can occur can negative come. We definitely don't support these things, we simply state them and we will react on a measure. There is a strong wish to hope that all this wave will descend, but still latest events prove the return" — the representative has added the Russian Foreign Ministry. © RIA Novosti / Alexey Vitvitsky Pereyti in an image bank the Political scientist: in the relations of Turkey and the USA tension very much серьезнаяВ Friday the U.S. President Donald Trump has said that he authorized increase twice in duties on aluminum and steel from Turkey — to 20% and 50% respectively. Such decision has caused the collapse of Turkish lira to a historical minimum. At the same time in the White House report that such step isn't connected with "trade and other questions". Turkey in response to sanctions of the USA has entered sharply has raised taxes on a number of the American goods according to the decree of the president of the country of Tayipa Erdogan. Additional duties on the tobacco products imported from the USA of 60%, on alcohol of 140%, on cars up to 120%, on cosmetic products up to 60%, on rice of 50%, on fruit of 20% are introduced. Duties



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