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The MFA has criticized Poland for demolition of the Soviet monuments - RIA Novosti, 9/3/2018

MOSCOW, 3 Sep — RIA Novosti. Moscow opposes the destructive line of Warsaw directed to altering of history of the 20th century and actively reacts to each case of the blasphemous relation to monuments and graves of the Soviet soldiers, the Russian Foreign Ministry spokesman Maria Zakharova has told, answering a question of journalists of the Russian measures in response to demolitions of monuments in Poland.© RIA Novosti / Alexey Vitvitsky to Pass into an image bank Poland became the leader in number of defilements of the Soviet monuments vandals" the MFA of Russia pays priority attention to this subject, makes complex efforts to counteract the destructive line of Warsaw directed to altering of history of the 20th century, belittling of a role of the Red Army in defeat of Hitlerite Nazism and release of the European people" — it is said in Zakharova's answer published on the official site the Russian Foreign Ministry. "We actively react to each case of the blasphemous relation to our monuments and graves in Poland and we always demand from the authorities of investigation of incidents and punishment of guilty persons. Publicly we point to pernicious consequences of the Polish policy of "decommunization" under which cover cleaning of public space of the country from "objectionable" military relics is carried out. Consistently we insist on implementation by official Warsaw of the international legal obligations to Russia in the memorial sphere" — the diplomat has emphasized. Zakharova has also noted that on the Russian initiative "the corresponding joint steps with the countries of the former USSR are implemented, the capacity of the UN, OSCE, the CIS and the CSTO is involved, the resource of non-governmental organizations and media is attracted". © RIA Novosti / Alexey Vitvitsky to Pass into an image bank the Father of the prime minister of Poland has advised the son to improve the relations with Rossiyeypopravki in the law on the ban of promotion of communism or other totalitarian system have come in Poland into force last fall. The law assumes, among other, demolition of the Soviet monuments. According to the estimates of Institute of national memory of Poland, it will concern more than 450 monuments through the whole country, of which are 230 monuments to soldiers of the Red Army. All monuments falling under the law have to be removed from public places within 12 months. At the same time this law doesn't concern cemeteries and places of burial. The Foreign Minister of Russia Sergey Lavrov said earlier that in Poland war with monuments and "consciously, consistently is waged, the russophobia as the national idea is on a substantial scale spread".



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