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The Mexican expert has told about details of the new agreement of USMCA - RIA Novosti, 10/2/2018

MEXICO CITY, 2 Oct — RIA Novosti, Dmitry Znamensky. The conclusion of the new agreement of USMCA between Mexico, Canada and the USA instead of acting since 1994 with NAFTA can appear not only a victory of the USA, but also to create a number of problems for this country, the financial analyst considers, professor of the National Autonomous University of Mexico Clemente Ruiz Durán.© of AP Photo/Andrew Harnik Canada and USA have reached the agreement on NAFTA, report Smiraney the USA, Canada and Mexico have reached the tripartite trade agreement which will be called USMCA instead of NAFTA now. The U.S. President Donald Trump hopes to sign the agreement until the end of November, still parliaments of three countries should approve the transaction. "This expected victory of the team of negotiators of Trump can have negative effect for Americans in connection with increase in prices for buyers of cars and possible plans for the transfer of automobile productions to the countries with smaller working costs, such as China" — Ruiz Durán has told RIA Novosti. According to the analyst, the text of the agreement includes changes in such spheres as the new rules of release of cars and trucks directed to their production in the countries with higher salaries; decrease in barriers on the way of goods of the American producers of dairy products to Canada; preservation of court on settlement of disputes which the USA planned to close; guarantees of expansion of access to the Canadian and Mexican producers of cars and utility trucks for the market of the USA.© of AFP 2018/Lars Hagberg the Expert has commented on the conclusion of the updated agreement on NAFTA "at the same time uncertainty concerning removal of the American duties on supply of steel and aluminum of the USA remains. Undoubtedly, in case of preservation these duties will worsen situation with production of these metals in Mexico and Canada" — the expert has noticed. He has reminded that rules of NAFTA demanded that not less than 62,5% of each car were produced in the countries of North America for application to him zero rates of a tariff. The new agreement lifts this threshold to 75%. "The purpose of it is to force producers of cars to use for each car assembled to Mexico or Canada it is less than parts from such countries as Germany, Japan, South Korea or China" — Ruiz Durán has noticed. For the first time the new agreement also obliges that gradual growth (up to 40% by 2023) the details of each car made at the plants with so-called "high salary" has been provided. The agreement says that such plants have to pay at least 16 dollars in an hour of the average salary of the to workers. "It is almost three times higher than the average salary at the Mexican plant at the moment, and Americans expect that it will force producers to replace the Mexican suppliers (cars) on American or Canadian" — it has noticed. © RIA Novosti / Alex Pantsikov to Pass into an image bank of Premieres of Canada has estimated the arrangement on the new agreement with the USA and the Meksikoynovy agreement also includes additional acts which provide releases from any I will be



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