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The metropolitan Illarion called decisions of Constantinople lawlessness - RIA Novosti, 11.10.2018

MOSCOW, 11 Oct — RIA Novosti. The head of department of external church relations of the Moscow patriarchy Metropolitan of Volokolamsk Illarion called the decisions of the synod of the Constantinople patriarchy on the Ukrainian question made on Thursday "lawless act" which break interorthodox unity and trample on church canons.© the RIA Novosti / Press service of Patriarchy of ROC to Pass into an image bank Constantinople roughly distorts church history, declared in Rptsraney on Thursday the synod of the Constantinople patriarchy officially announced the decision "to restore" the farmstead in Kiev, to accept in communication of leaders of dissenting church structures in Ukraine and to withdraw the decision of Constantinople of 1686 on transfer to the Patriarch of Moscow of the right to ordain metropolitans Kiev. "About the solution of the Constantinople patriarchy concerning establishment of a stauropegic monastery in Kiev, learned rehabilitations of leaders of split and cancellation of operation of the act of 1686, being in Astana at the Congress of leaders of world and traditional religions. It was expected here and the metropolitan Gallic Emmanuil (the bishop of the Constantinople church), the invariable participant of the previous congresses, but did not arrive. Now it is clear why" — the metropolitan Illarion noted, commenting on sensational decisions of Constantinople on the portal about Christ and Christianity of Jesus of.© AFP of 2018/Ozan Kose KPTs repealed the decree on transfer of the Kiev metropolitanate to the Moscow patriarchy "the Decision was predictable. All logic of actions of Constantinople, since April, to it conducted. Church canons are trampled, the interorthodox unity is broken, invasion of the Constantinople patriarchy into initial limits of the Russian church is documentary issued" — it continued. According to him, the answer of the Moscow patriarchy "on the next lawless act of the Constantinople patriarch" will be given at a meeting of the sacred synod which will take place on October 15 in Minsk. "The day before, on a holiday of the Intercession of the Theotokos, we will pray together with our patriarch for the multimillion Russian church uniting the people of Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan and other countries entering its initial space with strong confidence that gates of hell will not overcome it, and Blessed Virgin Mary all of us will cover from any evil with an honest omophorion" — Illarion added.



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