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The main skeptic of Earth has told why baizes about the yeti will never disappear - RIA Novosti, 8/18/2018

MOSCOW, 18 Aug – RIA Novosti. Michael Shermer, the famous popular writer of science and the historian, has told RIA Novosti about why ufologists, cryptozoologists and other supporters of pseudoscientific theories will never disappear from our life, and has explained how scientists can find a common language with them. © the Scientist has defined Flickr/NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center how long plots in science can remain in a taynen to last week Shermer has performed with a lecture at the Geek Picnic festival in Moscow on which he has told it to visitors about as far as people are close to becoming immortal whether it is worth aspiring to it and as the mankind can become impregnable for all types of cataclysms and threats. — Michael, why supporters of theories of plots still haven't disappeared and many of them continue to believe in existence of the UFO, the yeti, "chemicals" which spray passenger planes, and many other things which have been disproved or aren't confirmed decades ago? — Actually, there is nothing unusual in it - it is just an example of normal behavior of people. The brain of the person is so arranged that we always believe in all that we hear in news, from friends or relatives. Just it seems to us that all that passes through the certain "social filter", can't be a lie. Denial of it demands titanic efforts from the potential skeptic. The matter is that for this purpose you need to understand what and why your interlocutors trust in. It usually means, as you trust in it! To force itself to doubt very difficult as similar thoughts usually cause unpleasant feelings. We are programmed by the nature so that the belief in supernatural causes in us splash in dopamine, pleasure hormone. The lack of belief or scepticism don't cause similar pleasant emotions. © Fotolia/fergregory Scientific: Cold War was the main cause of "emergence" Nlovdobavok, hunters on the yeti and supporters of "himiosled" just don't have knowledge to understand that they are mistaken. Such people sincerely believe that they, for example, hold in hand the real prints of legs of the orthograde primacy running on the mountains or the woods or proofs that "the world government" sprays dangerous substances in air. When their speeches are never heard by the ordinary person, earlier the being interested this subject, it seems to him that they quite convincingly and with deep arguments prove the position. And when the number of supporters of these ideas reaches a certain critical point, "the social filter" turns on and begins to seem to the majority that conspiracy theorists tell the truth. This process has also a strong social party. Often political or religious views force people to adhere to some antiscientific positions automatically. For example, many of them deny the theory of evolution and don't believe in global warming, but at the same time know nothing about them. © Depositphotos/Fergregory Why military and scientists don't look for a prisheltsevsam any more the attempt to learn something about these theories will demand from them big we are emotional



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