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The law of origin of "life" in space was opened, creating the eco-friendly engine - RIA Novosti, 11.10.2018

MOSCOW, 11 Oct — RIA Novosti. Research team from several countries, trying to create more environmentally friendly processes of burning of fuel in engines, removed the formation mechanism in the Universe at ultralow temperatures of bases of biological molecules which then could get to Earth and to become the reason of origin of life. The scientific article by low-temperature formation of the polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH) in the atmosphere of the satellite of Saturn of the Titan it is published in the Nature Astronomy.© Fotolia/Dmytro Sukharevskyi magazine Scientists told how the microbes which came back from space "changed We research mechanisms of growth of PAU systematically, for the purpose of development of reliable kinetic models of burning of hydrocarbonic fuel and development of more environmentally friendly processes of burning and respectively, combustion chambers in engines. A few years ago we found the reaction leading to growth of benzene in naphthalene that is from one six-membered carbon ring to two which is fast and effective at low temperatures as it does not demand additional energy" — professor of Florida InterNational University Alexander Mebel told RIA Novosti. Since then, he explained, scientists began to study similar reactions and so far showed theoretically and experimentally that the low-temperature mechanism of growth of PAU is universal. "We installed the new mechanism for growth of PAU which works at low and even very low temperatures. On this PAU mechanism can be formed and grow in such conditions as the atmosphere of the Titan (minus 183 degrees Celsius) and even in molecular clouds in interstellar space (at minus 263 degrees Celsius). The new mechanism allows to explain a large number of PAU in the Universe where up to 20% of atoms of carbon is in a type of PAU. Before this opening was considered that PAU can grow only in plamena of burning of hydrocarbons, i.e. at temperatures from 1000 Kelvins (726 degrees Celsius) and above" — the scientist.© of Depositphotos/stokkete told to Cure cancer, to clean the planet: ancient bacteria can save a chelovechestvoissledovaniye important what explains the first step of formation of the difficult mechanism of formation of biological molecules. "Molecules similar to small PAU, but the containing nitrogen atoms, are key components of ribonukelinovy acids (RNA, DNA) and some amino acids, that is the making proteins" — Mebel told. According to him, on the following step of researches it is necessary to understand as atoms of nitrogen can take root into PAU and as after such introduction the nucleinic bases and amino acids which are a biochemical basis of life can be formed. "Our results explained the mechanism of this first step, but it is a lot of work and opening still ahead" — he told. "Undoubtedly, our work and similar works in this area which is often called astrobiology show that many molecules, being predecessors of biologically important molecules of a moth to be brought to Earth from space. But it does not mean that live body



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