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The international conference on neurosurgery has opened in Vladikavkaz - RIA Novosti, 9/26/2018

VLADIKAVKAZ, 26 Sep — RIA Novosti. Holding the international scientific and practical conference on the neurosurgery which has opened in the capital of North Ossetia will allow to improve skills of medical experts and to bring neurosurgery in the republic to qualitatively new level, the head RSO-Alania Vyacheslav Bitarov.© RIA Novosti / Varvara Gertye Nozhom on a tumor considers: modern technologies against rakabitar on Wednesday I have met conferees — the chief physician of the Federal center of neurosurgery of the Russian Ministry of Health in Tyumen Albert Sufianov, the head of the Tyumen regional office of the Union of reabilitolog of Russia Alexey Kudryashov and the Japanese neurosurgeon Katsumi Takizava — the recognized expert of a world class famous, in particular, for operation on division of the Siamese twins who have grown together with the heads. Within the conference which is taking place on the basis of the North Ossetian state medical academy, professor Takizava will hold a master class "Expeditious treatment of aneurysm of a brain". "I am sincerely grateful to you for advisory medical care. I am grateful that have found an opportunity to arrive to the republic and to share the knowledge and practices. It would be desirable that the Ossetian neurosurgery was lifted to qualitatively new level. I hope that with your help we will manage to make it" — have given in the press service of the head and the government RSO-Alania Bitarov's words at a meeting. As the head of the Tyumen neurosurgical center has noted, cooperation with specialists of the North Caucasian versatile medical center in Beslan and Republican clinical hospital is established. According to Sufianov, the educational program for neurosurgery which is carried out within the available arrangements will bring benefit both to doctors of the republic, and their patients. "We offer participants of the program an integrated approach, experts learn a lot of new and interesting then to apply all this at themselves in clinics. Increase in availability of hi-tech medical care — an important, hot topic. To make her more available, we also will organize the training courses" — have quoted Sufianov's comment in the press service.



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