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The intensity of explosions on an arsenal near Chernihiv decreased to three in an hour - RIA Novosti, 12.10.2018

KIEV, 12 Oct — RIA Novosti. Explosions on an arsenal in the Chernihiv region continue the fourth day, on Friday morning their intensity still decreased — to three explosions an hour, the press service of Civil service of Ukraine on emergency situations.© of the Photo reported: Public service of Ukraine on emergency situations in the neighborhood of the arsenal burning near Chernihiv found hundreds boyepripasovpervy information on explosions and the fire on an arsenal arrived at 3:30 in the morning on Tuesday. The authorities carried out evacuation. There are no victims. According to the Ministry of Defence, at the time of the fire in a warehouse there were 69,5 thousand tons of ammunition, from them 43 thousand tons — efficient. This arsenal — one of the largest in Ukraine, the territory of a warehouse makes 682 hectares. On Thursday in the Ministry of Defence reported that the fire is almost extinguished, there were two centers of decay. "As of 07:00 on October 12 the intensity of explosions of ammunition is up to three explosions an hour. Died and injured as a result of emergency situation it is not recorded" — it is said in the statement. According to department, for the last days the aircraft of Civil service on emergency made 25 dumpings of water (200 tons) of.© AFP of 2018/Genya Savilov V of the Chernihiv region sappers cleaned 70% of the territory burning arsenalasaper cleaned from explosive objects all highways to settlements within a 16-kilometer zone, 29 kilometers of routes of power lines, 7 kilometers of routes of gas pipelines, the territory of three gas distribution stations, three schools, three kindergartens and more than 1,6 thousand households. As it is noted, sappers withdrew 576 explosive objects in 10 settlements near an arsenal in the Chernihiv region. Around an arsenal about 700 people and 150 pieces of equipment work. For the last three years in Ukraine repeatedly there were fires in military warehouses. So, on the night of March 23, 2017 in the city of Balakleya of the Kharkiv region the fire in a warehouse of ammunition began. One person died, five more suffered. After state of emergency in Balakley in 2017 ammunition in this warehouse decided to clear of mines. In May on the technical territory of the same arsenal there was an ignition of a dry grass because of what ammunition began to explode. Also in May there was an explosion in a warehouse of ammunition near the village Old Nikolaevka in Donetsk region. In warehouses in Kalinovka in Vinnytsia region ammunition exploded on September 26, 2017, the fire began. More than 30 thousand people were evacuated from Kalinovka and neighboring villages, two suffered. Mass media reported that in a warehouse rockets to the systems of volley fire "Tornado", "Hurricane" and Grad are stored, a third of an arsenal was destroyed. Your browser does not support this format of video.



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