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The institute of SETI did not find traces of aliens on "an interstellar asteroid" - RIA Novosti, 05.12.2018

MOSCOW, 5 Dec – RIA Novosti. Long observations of an asteroid of Oumuamua at the time of its rapprochement with Earth exclude existence on its surface of "any artificial sources of radio waves or other signals". The astronomers from Institute of search of extraterrestrial civilizations of SETI who published article in the Acta Astronautica.CC BY-SA 4.0/ESO/M magazine came to such conclusion. Kornmesser / Scientists suspected that "the interstellar asteroid" is the ship of newcomers "We tried at least some signal which would indicate the man-made nature of this object. We did not find anything similar, despite very high sensitivity of our telescopes. On the other hand, so far it is impossible to tell precisely that our observations completely exclude that Oumuamua were created by aliens" — Gehry tells Kharp (Gerry Harp) from Institute of search of extraterrestrial civilizations of SETI in Mountain View (USA). In the middle of October of last year the automated Pan-STARRS1 telescope found the first "interstellar" celestial body. This object was conditionally called "comet", received temporary name C/2017 U1, and tens of land and orbital telescopes began to watch it. Before it left near-earth space, scientists managed to receive a set of pictures and data on its physical properties which indicated that this object is more similar to an asteroid, than to a comet. He was renamed into 1I/2017 U1, and in a consequence received a name of Oumuamua that is meant by "intelligence agent" in language of radical inhabitants of the Hawaiian Islands. Subsequently, the unusual cigar-shaped Oumuamua form and presence of large numbers of organic chemistry on its surface once again forced scientists to rethink what actually it was – a kernel of an "extinct" comet, the real asteroid or something absolutely another. © the British physicists explained Depositphotos/Fergregory why the mankind will not find инопланетянК to an example, at the beginning of November astronomers from Harvard assumed, leaning on this fact and the fact that the trajectory of the movement of "the interstellar intelligence agent" unusually exchanged at his rapprochement with the Sun that it can be a man-made object. According to them, Oumuamua represents the peculiar interstellar "sailing vessel" started by aliens towards the Solar system. Its unusual form helped it not to go off-course and reach Earth through several million years of flight. Kharp and its colleagues checked, whether so it, using the data collected by the ATA radio telescope after the maximum rapprochement of Oumuamua with Earth when this celestial body crossed an orbit of our planet at the end of November and the beginning of December, 2017. Small distance and big power of ATA allowed astronomers to check whether there are on a surface of interstellar "intelligence agent" even smallest sources of radio waves whose power in tens and hundreds of times concedes to cell phones and portable Fotolia/3000ad radio sets.© Astronomers found out where first "newcomer" Solar the sistemymaksimalny power of the radio transmitter which would remain imperceptible for this observatory was born



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